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Customer Story

Consilium Safety Unifies IT Infrastructure Management with NinjaOne

With Andreas du Hane, Service Owner at Consilium Safety
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Consilium Safety is a producer of safety technology within the marine, energy, transport, and building sectors. With 55 offices around the world, they service customers at a global scale. The company was founded in 1912 and has an installed base of over 75,000 fire and gas detection systems.


Gothenburg, Sweden


A globally distributed workforce

Andreas du Hane is the service owner at, a fire, flame, and gas safety solutions manufacturer, Consilium Safety. Andreas manages the Platform team and second/third line for service desk. Having previously worked as a technical consultant at a local MSP, Andreas joined Consilium Safety´s IT department in 2022. Since Andreas joined, the IT team has grown from three to seven staff members. Consilium Safety employs over 1,100 people spread across 37 different countries, with 350 people located in their headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Slow remote access and limited support

When Andreas joined Consilium Safety, they had several challenges with overview and monitoring of the IT infrastructure. “They needed a better overview and insight into all company devices´ health and performance” Andreas explained. He also pointed out that the service desk made it difficult to manage clients, remote access was slow and difficult to use with the current tools. They had no way of giving support to end users behind the scenes.

The difficulties in providing end user support caused stoppage times and delayed productivity for the distributed workforce at Consilium Safety. Andreas was firmly set on finding an IT management solution that could best solve their monitoring and support issues, “Having worked with RMM solutions in the past to manage many end client environments, I understand that a unified endpoint management system can also be extremely useful when managing just one environment”.

”With NinjaOne we immediately solved our monitoring and remote support challenges in a very simplified way that was exceptionally easy to understand”

Remediate actions and give support behind the scenes

When Andreas first tested NinjaOne´s Endpoint Management platform, he was thoroughly impressed by its intuitive centralized dashboard. “The ability to directly open all necessary details of an endpoint with just one click from the main dashboard saves us a tremendous amount of time” Andreas said.

When Andreas and his team started deploying NinjaOne to endpoints, they started with the servers which took only two hours to complete. Within two weeks they were able to complete the deployment to all their end user workstations, VMs and laptops. Since deploying NinjaOne, Andreas explained how much faster they were able to remediate actions and give support to end users, “I can now immediately click into a device to find the device permissions, view warranty details, run a specific script, and compare license tagging – all without having to interrupt the end user”.

“We no longer waste time searching for what needs attention, what needs to be updated or patched.”

Unifying the IT experience

Andreas is a frequent user of the NinjaOne script library where he has also created and saved around 80 of his own customized script templates, “The scripting function in NinjaOne is quick, easy and works every time”. He also believes that it is easy for him to teach NinjaOne to others, “Our team members pick it up immediately and if we seek training on more advanced functions, NinjaOne gives us free training. The NinjaOne Dojo also works as a superb educational platform, where we can find answers to questions quick and easy”.

By having an all-in-one unified endpoint monitoring and management solution, it gives Andreas and his IT team the ability to always ensure fully healthy and optimized devices for their end users. “When I start my day, I can now simply login and give immediate attention to any crucial items. We no longer waste time searching for what needs attention, what needs to be updated or patched,” Andreas explained. Implementing NinjaOne has significantly reduced any work stoppage time for all employees across their different offices, which has enabled companywide growth. Since the switch to NinjaOne, they have been able to grow the Service Desk and Platform team from three to seven people. This has been a tremendous benefit as they have more staff to work on structural developmental projects and more time to improve employee security standards globally.

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