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We’ve got your back. Ninja believes in building transformational relationships that free you up to focus on innovative service delivery models and business growth.
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Trusted by more than 17,000 customers worldwide

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Problems we solve for enterprise MSPs

We need to ramp up new technicians quickly

Whether you’re hiring new technician, acquiring technicians through M&A, or freeing up top-performers to specialize, getting your team up-to-speed is critical for growth. Ninja is easy to learn and use, allowing technicians to start delivering value in a matter of days – minimal training required.

Easy and powerful RMM tool

A compelling solution that is easy to start up with, easy to administrate, and will get you working with your clients ASAP! The system does not have a significant learning curve, so you can get up and running and productive faster than any other system I have used.

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See how much time NinjaOne actually saves our MSP Partners

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We need to maximize the benefits of automation

Automation needs to become second nature for enterprise MSPs to scale effectively. Ninja’s automation platform lets MSPs automate everything from extended monitoring and simple one-step remediations to complex multi-step processes. Ninja relies on standard scripting languages so no extra training is required for technicians to begin automating.

The Best RMM Product We Have Used

I’m able to take on a lot more customers with all the automation available with NinjaOne, couldn't do without it.

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See how much time NinjaOne actually saves our MSP Partners

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MSPs must innovate or die

Even large, mature managed services operations must innovate or risk failure. Whether you’re bringing new services to market, testing new commercial models, or deploying new technologies, you need solutions that are reliable so you can focus on innovation.

Reliable RMM, Responsible Support, Receptive Executives

[NinjaOne] just works. No fuss no mess. The MSP market space is hard enough without dealing with tools that do the opposite of what it is supposed to do. It just does what its supposed to – make my engineers’ lives easier.

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See how much time NinjaOne actually saves our MSP Partners

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Our tools need to work together seamlessly

Our robust RESTful API and custom field framework allows Ninja to play well with almost any ecosystem. Whether you’re using third party enterprise solutions or home-grown systems, Ninja can integrate with the tools you use today.

Easy to Use. Easy to Deploy.

Ninja’s custom API allows us to automate Ninja into our other products.

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See how much time NinjaOne actually saves our MSP Partners

Read our Survey Report

Why Ninja?

Build a partnership for life

We build long-lasting partnerships with our customers through excellent technology, transformational support, programs to help you grow, transparency, and trust. Get involved in our product testing group, resell Ninja as an entry point for new accounts, and work with us on new account generation.

Do not be afraid to ask for help. The strength from our point of view is, there are benefits to having Ninja as a product, but at the same time the real benefit is in the relationship. That is something we cannot replace. That is the real benefit of Ninja.

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Integrate with your existing technology

Ninja is incredibly extensible. Our RESTful API allow you to easily pull data from Ninja into your existing systems, push data into Ninja, and trigger actions from your third party applications. In addition, our custom fields framework makes storing and accessing data in Ninja infinitely scalable.

Game Changing RMM tool

Ninja RMM has helped our MSP us better manage our growing customer base while providing us with the peace of mind client networks are being properly maintained and monitored.

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Ramp up new technicians in days – not weeks

Ninja is easy-to-learn and requires minimal specialized training. Most technicians learn Ninja in a matter of days with little or no Ninja-specific training. You can focus on training technicians on how you work so they can deliver results for you clients faster.

One of the best solutions for RMM

NinjaRMM provides an easy to use interface that allows us to train technicians with it in a breeze, allowing them to be more productive right at the start without a steep learning curve.

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Drive unprecedented efficiency at scale

Not only is Ninja lightning-fast, its easy to setup, learn, and use. Ninja’s ease of use and centralized policy-based management translates directly into more endpoints managed per technician and from there to greater profitability.

Ninja has been great!

We are so much more efficient in how we work now. Processes that were having to be completed manually are now being done using the automated tools integrated into Ninja. A lot of things have now turned into set it and forget it with the help of Ninja.

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How onboarded 4000 endpoints to Ninja in under two weeks

Best RMM solution in G2 Grid

At NinjaOne, we put our partners first – that’s why our partners rated NinjaOne the #1 RMM software on the G2 Grid for remote monitoring and management software. Not only that, we’ve been ranked #1 in customer support year over year, with an average customer satisfaction score of 98 / 100.
G2 Grid Report for Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) Spring 2024

#1-rated support, year after year

Ninja provides transformational, not transactional support. Putting this belief into practice has resulted in our partners rating us #1 for support across multiple review mechanisms, year after year. All Ninja partners get:

  • Free and unlimited support
  • Free and unlimited onboarding
  • Free and unlimited training

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The NinjaOne Platform

Centralized, single-pane management for all your endpoints and IT workflows


Quick to deploy, easy-to-use, with a single intuitive UI

Pay monthly for what you need, no cancellation fees

#1 ranking in technical support for 3 years in a row

Free onboarding, free training, free support

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