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Customer Story

3 Reasons Why Metis Technology Switched from N-able to NinjaOne

with Rick Mitchell, Tracy Mitchell, Billy Murchison, Andrew Givens and Carson Crance, Metis Technology
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Metis Technology is an IT outsourcing company that offers full-service IT management services to businesses of all sizes.


Nashville, TN


3 Reasons Why Metis Technology Switched from N-able to NinjaOne

Rick Mitchell – President
Tracy Mitchell – Vice President
Billy Murchison – Director of Operations
Andrew Givens – NOC Engineer
Carson Crance – Help Desk Engineer

First 60 Days:

  • New-client onboarding 50% faster
  • SentinelOne integration save 15 minutes per computer

For any MSP, switching RMMs is arguably the one operational chore companies hope to avoid. But for Rick Mitchell, president of Metis Technology based in Nashville, Tennessee, that decision was simplified when his team confirmed that their previous RMM (N-able N-central) was no longer driving efficiencies for the company.

“Our clients rely on us to both fix and prevent any network issues. With over 1,300 endpoints under our management, it is critical that our team has the best tools to do their job efficiently because for an MSP, efficiency equals profitability,” said Mitchell. “We had been using N-able for over 10 years, but somewhere along the way, innovation stopped, they had become stagnant. Plus, support had dropped off – in short, it no longer made sense for us to continue using them.”

After scouting and trialing other RMM solutions, Mitchell’s team finally found what they were looking for in NinjaOne. We sat down with Metis Technology to learn why they chose to switch to NinjaOne and how their first 60 days are going.

1. Easy to Adopt UX/UI

Why NinjaOne? You’ve used N-able N-central for ten years, you’ve tested other RMM solutions, what stands out with NinjaOne?


The user interface is one of the best that we’ve seen. We were able to sign-in and pretty much know where everything was right off the bat.


Exactly. Our techs have to be able to learn new platforms fast. NinjaOne is really intuitive. We didn’t have to re-invent the wheel so to speak, NinjaOne makes adoption easy. And for any questions we did have, NinjaOne support has been great. The NinjaOne Community and Ninja Dojo are also great resources.


We actually just had a new employee start today. It only took her ninety minutes to get up to speed with NinjaOne.


Also the dashboard. I love seeing all our managed devices run actions live right in front of me in a single pane of glass. Being able to see everything at the thousand-foot view, it’s such an efficient workflow. It makes it easy for our techs to quickly identify what’s wrong and get to work. With NinjaOne, there are just so many bells and whistles that other RMM solutions didn’t have.


We reviewed several RMMs. NinjaOne was the one that really impressed us.

2. Change Management Made Easy

As previously mentioned, switching RMMs is no easy feat for an MSP. How was the change management experience with NinjaOne?


As an MSP, changing your RMM tool is massively disruptive, it’s probably the hardest thing you can do. NinjaOne–the product itself, the support team–made it absolutely painless.


It only took a little over two weeks to deploy NinjaOne to all 1,300 of our clients’ endpoints. Setting up parent and child policies took the most up-front time, but honestly it is going to be an efficiency driver down the road. Compared to N-able’s archaic way of handling policies, NinjaOne’s policy-based structure, task automation and ticketing integration is a game changer. Overall, change management was seamless.

3. Innovative Features that Drive Time and Cost Savings

What value have you gotten from NinjaOne in your first sixty days?


We’ve revolutionized our onboarding process thanks to NinjaOne. Now, it’s like an automated production line.


New-client onboarding is 50% faster with NinjaOne. With Active Directory links, onboarding is relatively simple. Before, with N-able, discovery jobs were a poor process. We had to deploy a probe, run scans; now, with NinjaOne, all I have to do is provide domain admin rights, point it to the domain and controller, and everything is pulled in.

We also leverage NinjaOne’s SentinelOne (S1) integration to save time. Essentially, I can drop a PC into a client container and it’ll automatically install S1 and apply the policies without me having to go in and manually install them. That saves me at least 15 minutes per computer because, previously, I had to install S1 through Command Line or push it through the back end.


We also leverage NinjaOne’s script automations. We can now automate a lot of tasks we previously had to do manually. There are not only time savings built in via automation but also cost savings because we don’t have to pay technicians or engineers to do tasks that are now automated via NinjaOne. And since every automation is tracked and recorded, we can easily produce a report to show our clients every task that was performed on each device.

NinjaOne has made us more efficient and more effective. If we were to add another 1,000 endpoints tomorrow, we have the infrastructure in place to handle that scale. With NinjaOne, we get power and simplicity in a single package.
— Rick Mitchell, President, Metis Technology

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