Build a foundation of security across the enterprise

Ninja provides the visibility, control, and tools to deploy foundational security strategies across endpoints, reduce attack surface, monitor security posture, and respond to events.
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Customers Love NinjaOne

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improved patch compliance

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improved patch compliance by more than 75%

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reduced the number of vulnerabilities in their environment by up to 75%

SOURCE: 2023 NinjaOne customer survey conducted by Omdia.

Deliver on enterprise IT security essentials

Enterprise IT security is a layered approach. Advanced security solutions like EDR build off a foundational layer of endpoint security to protect business data. Ninja helps enterprises improve their security by delivering this first layer of endpoint hardening.

Manage all your IT assets in a single pane of glass


Discover and manage all your IT assets, from servers and networks to workstations and laptops. Get complete synchronous insight into endpoint health, performance, and behavior.

Backup all your critical business data


Backup endpoints locally and to the cloud to protect your critical business data from loss due to accidental deletion, destruction, or ransomware.

Patch operating systems and third-party applications


Minimize known vulnerabilities by automating patch identification, approval, and installation across Windows, Mac, and Linux servers and workstations.

Control endpoints and applications at scale


Deploy, configure, patch, uninstall, and monitor applications at scale without the need for a company network, VPN, or domain.

Harden endpoints at scale


Take action on endpoints at scale to remove known vulnerabilities, monitor device configurations, and eliminate common points of attack.

Monitor user behavior


Get visibility into endpoint behavior and performance, allowing you to monitor for malignant, suspicious, or unsupported end-user behavior.

Deploy, monitor, and management security tools


Get visibility into endpoint behavior and performance, allowing you to monitor for malignant, suspicious, or unsupported end-user behavior.

Why Ninja Enterprise IT Security?

Get full visibility

You cannot manage what you cannot see. Ninja gives you complete visibility into all your managed assets which is the first step in ensuring they are secure. You also get full control, allowing you to monitor, patch, and configure more secure endpoints at scale.

Build a foundation

Advanced security solutions rely on a foundation of endpoint security for optimal performance. Ninja gives you the tools and visibility needed to build a foundation of security all in a single-pane-of-glass.

Reinforce your security stack

Ninja allows you to monitor, audit, and continuously enforce your endpoint security solutions across your base of managed endpoints. With Ninja, you get a layer of defense reinforcing your advanced security solutions.

"Automated patching and scripting have transformed our estate… providing consistency and heightening our security stance to our users. Compliance and security have been vastly improved."

"NinjaOne gives us a centralized patch management solution that is compatible with remote workers. It helps us be proactive and ensure security compliance."

Designed from the ground up for security

NinjaOne implements security controls that regulate authentication, authorization, and access which prevents malicious acts. These controls include:
  • A password construction, usage, and complexity policy
  • Restricted access to source code
  • Restricted access to production services and environments
  • Enforced multi-factor authentication
  • Restricted access to cloud environments
  • Logging, monitoring, and auditing of access activity
  • NinjaOne restricts the transfer and transmittal of production data to non-production service and non-production environments
  • NinjaOne encrypts production data at rest
  • NinjaOne encrypts production data in transit
  • NinjaOne deploys systems to log, monitor, audit, and alert in realtime on the network activity of production services and environments
  • NinjaOne scans production environment systems and production applications for vulnerabilities once every week
  • NinjaOne performs dependency checks and static code scans during application code development
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Made for Scale


Endpoints Managed

40+ B

datapoints processed per day

900 M

endpoint actions deployed per day


endpoints in a single tenant


Support requests handled per day



Unified IT management

Ninja breaks down silos, providing a single source of truth for IT teams across functions

IT helpdesk

Get context on incidents, simplify complex tasks, and drive helpdesk efficiency.


Patch endpoints, manage vulnerabilities, and create a foundation for security.

IT Operations

Manage workflows, automate tasks, and drive team efficiency.


IT Infrastructure

Get full visibility, alert on infrastructure state, and manage devices at scale.

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