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Customer Story

Advania’s NinjaOne Journey: Streamlining IT Services Across Diverse Industries and 8,000+ Endpoints

With Skuli Axelsson, Project Manager at Advania
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Advania is a Nordic information technology service corporation. The company is the largest in its field in Iceland and a leading MSP in Sweden, Norway, Finland and UK. Advania has corporate clients in the public and private sector. It provides a range of IT-services, platforms, cloud services, and support to multinational enterprises, governments, and businesses.


Reykjavík, Iceland


A leading MSP

Skuli Axelsson is a project manager at Advania Ísland, which is the Icelandic entity of Nordic Managed IT Service Provider, Advania. Advania has roots back to 1939 when the company EJS was founded and 1953 when Skýrr was founded. In 2010 the companies merged and rebranded in 2012 along with the merger of Kerfi AB in Sweden and Hands AS in Norway. Skuli started with Skýrr in 2004, which was a computing division for the Icelandic government. Today, Skuli is a project manager and divisional manager for DevOps where he leads various customer projects. Since 2023, Skuli and the team at Advania use NinjaOne for remote monitoring and management, patch management, software deployment and asset management.

Looking for a more reliable and less complex RMM

Before switching to NinjaOne, Skuli revealed that they were using another RMM tool from a leading vendor for over six years. “The API was not to our liking. The reporting was inconsistent, unreliable, and too complex to set up” Skuli explained. He continued, “Retrieving and running scripts using the tool was quite difficult, and the customer support was slow and not very responsive”. Advania was using an on-premises version that was reaching its end of life, and they had an opportunity to migrate to the solution´s cloud version. However, Skuli and the team believed that it was a valuable opportunity to evaluate other potential solutions during this time.

They set out to test several IT management solutions using a scoring system to test how each solution was performing towards their standards. The categories included: Automation, reporting, dashboards, MSP-specific features, product offerings, compliance and GDPR. Of the other tools they scored– ConnectWise, BeyondTrust, Atera, Datto and Lighthouse – NinjaOne scored the best.

”With NinjaOne, we can run any script with just one click from the centralized dashboard and we never have to worry that it won´t fully complete”

Streamlined Onboarding

Advania proceeded to implement NinjaOne to their customer endpoints across Iceland, “The onboarding was quick and easy” Skuli said. He explained that the scripting changed drastically from the start, “With our previous tool, we had to access a server remotely, locate the file and manually run the script. With NinjaOne, we can run any script with just one click from the centralized dashboard and then we receive instant feedback on NinjaOne’s activity feed if the script run successfully or not”.

Skuli believes that it is very easy to learn NinjaOne and teach it to technicians, “Learning how to use NinjaOne is straightforward and deploying new endpoints is just as easy”. Advania maintains a well-documented checklist for onboarding new products, ensuring that every step, from customer onboarding to endpoint enrolment and offboarding, is carefully documented. The simplified endpoint deployment and ease of use of NinjaOne helps Advania to maintain high onboarding standards.

“It is clear that everyone at Advania is happier using NinjaOne in place of the previous RMM solution.”

Friction-Free, Exceptional IT Service

Advania’s customer base ranges from all type of industries in Iceland, where they service companies of different sizes. Skuli and his team use NinjaOne to manage over 2,000 servers. Since switching to NinjaOne they have been able to provide flexible IT services tailored to their customers diverse needs.

Advania’s successful integration of NinjaRMM into their IT service operations have proven not only beneficial for their end customers, but also for their staff. “It is clear that everyone at Advania is happier using NinjaOne in place of the previous RMM solution.” Skuli said. Advania has been able to eliminate tool complexity, plus quicken remediation and scripting since switching to NinjaOne. This has been a crucial improvement to deliver frictionless and precise IT services to 8,000+ endpoints spread across hundreds of customers.

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