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Kinex Medical Company uses NinjaOne to Keep Headcount Low and Stay Compliant

with Paul Jebe, Vice President of IT
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With over 30 years in the industry, Kinex Medical Company provides reliable, innovative, and durable medical equipment throughout the United States.


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Over two thousand doctors trust Kinex Medical Company to provide specialty orthopedic equipment to 5000+ patients per month. Given the widespread distribution of endpoints nationwide, the Kinex IT department is challenged with orchestrating, safeguarding, and rolling out these devices seamlessly. Paul Jebe, Kinex Medical Company’s VP of IT, said, “When I first started at Kinex, we were set up in a very traditional IT model focused primarily on staff working out of our physical offices where we had network infrastructure.” Most of their field staff operated using personal devices, over which the IT team had limited control.

Learn how NinjaOne introduced more efficiency and network control at Kinex.

Scalability driving business forward

“We doubled the devices we managed, but because of NinjaOne, we didn’t have to hire any additional people. That speaks to the impact this tool has had for us,” said Jebe.

Continuous innovation

“NinjaOne’s roadmap showed us it was a software on the rise, rather than a legacy solution like Kaseya that had been around longer but was more stagnant,” said Jebe

Staying HIPAA compliant

“To stay HIPAA compliant, you can’t have patient information inadvertently downloaded or saved on unauthorized devices. NinjaOne allowed us to create scripts that automatically delete downloaded files on all our endpoints every 24 hours, which removes that chance of human error and ensures we’re compliant,” said Jebe.

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