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NinjaOne Modernized Horizon Home Care & Hospice’s IT Department

With Randy Rybakowicz, IT Director
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Horizon Home Care & Hospice offers hospice care in the home, nursing homes, assisted living, and at our two inpatient hospices.


Milwaukee, WI



Horizon Home Care and Hospice (HHCH) is known around the healthcare industry for its mission to celebrate the human spirit and its dedication to providing a sense of home to its patients in the greater Milwaukee area. Randy Rybakowicz, IT director at HHCH, joined the team in 2017. His goal: keep 1,000 outdated devices healthy and active with a minimal budget while simultaneously moving the entire environment to the 21st century. Find out how Rybakowicz used NinjaOne to upgrade an outdated, legacy IT environment to a fast, efficient, and modern tech department.

Automated deployment gives time back

Rybakowicz recalled when he deployed an updated version of Windows 10 to over 200 devices. “NinjaOne automated the entire task. Something that would’ve taken me 400 hours of manual labor took place quietly in the background with no disruptions,” said Rybakowicz.

Reliable reporting decreases number of audits

“Gathering device information for audits is a full-time job,” said Rybakowicz. “NinjaOne reporting provides all the information we need instantly, and because NinjaOne’s level of security is so well respected, we’ve actually received fewer audits since highlighting our partnership with NinjaOne.”

Fast, simple and easy deployment

“NinjaOne’s simple interface along with the support team made deploying NinjaOne to all 1,000 endpoints in under two weeks incredibly easy,” said Rybakowicz. “The best part – there were no disruptions to our frontline caregivers.”

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