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Customer Story

Wood ITC Nets 15 New Customers Leveraging NinjaOne Efficiency Drivers

With Dale Royal, Project Technician
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Wood ITC is a Managed Service Provider in Manchester, United Kingdom working predominantly with healthcare, finance and construction customers. They offer a range of managed services such as daily technical support, cloud/web hosting, equipment procurement to users across the whole country.


Manchester, United Kingdom


A new day is a new chance to deliver outstanding IT services

Dale Royal is a project technician at Manchester-based MSP, Wood ITC, where he works on several projects aimed to improve the IT efficiency for its customers. Projects range from large structural initiatives to hardware upgrades to new software rollouts. Dale explains that every day at Wood ITC looks different, “There is a new challenge to solve every day, that is an exciting part of it all for me as a project technician”. For example, sometimes Dale helps customers develop processes to migrate domains in one step instead of having to do it separately from domain to domain.

The need for faster more reliable remote access

Wood ITC was using a different RMM tool for several years before NinjaOne. Dale and the other RMM users at Wood ITC found the tool increasingly difficult to manage. There were constant disconnects when trying to provide remote support for their customers. “The RMM tool´s forum was not up to par for us and it was difficult to get a hold of their support team” Dale said. The support delay times were not helping Wood ITC solve its customers IT tickets in timely accordance to their standards. Therefore, Wood ITC decided to evaluate a new RMM solution.

”The NinjaOne dashboard gives us full visual control over what needs attention, and it is very easy for us to quickly remediate any actions.”

Dale got in touch with the NinjaOne team and started testing NinjaOne RMM. His objective was to test all the different features, to gage ease of implementation, and to test scripting capabilities and the reliability of remote access. “In terms of visibility, NinjaOne had so much more to offer than our previous RMM tool. The NinjaOne dashboard gives us full visual control over what needs attention, and it is very easy for us to quickly remediate any actions,” explained Dale.

Deployed NinjaOne to 1,600 endpoints in 2 weeks

Dale and the team at Wood ITC spent just 2 weeks to deploy NinjaOne to 1,600 endpoints spread across 30 different customers. “Once we pushed all software out to the customer devices and it was starting to install, the process was very easy and automatic,” said Dale. Quick and easy deployment was not only apparent during initial deployment, but prevailed every time a new endpoint was added.

Wood ITC uses NinjaOne for the remote monitoring and management of customer endpoints, patch management, software deployment and asset management. Dale uses NinjaOne daily and explains that the ease of access is an outstanding benefit, “Everything is available for me right away, I don´t have to deal with countless drop-down menus, if I want to paste something it´s available right at the top, if I want to do a file transfer it´s available right at the top. You can restart or reboot into safe mode. It is all very convenient, efficient and easy to access wherever I am”. Wood ITC´s customers all have their own organizations setup in the NinjaOne platform and within the organizations they have setup different locations for where a customer´s endpoint is located. When a customer asks for an asset report, Dale and the team can easily go to the designated organization and export a one sheet report in less than 30 seconds.

Dale finds NinjaOne´s script library immensely useful. They have over 280 scripts setup in NinjaOne ready to be used with just a few clicks, “Having a generalized location to store and import scripts is a massive benefit for us. I can publish a script and it´s available right there for everybody or limited to certain users depending on severity of the script,” Dale explained.

”Our customers have all grasped how to use NinjaOne fully without any training necessary”

Happier technicians, more time for customers

Dale finds NinjaOne not only easy to learn but easy to teach to others. Some of Wood ITC´s customers use NinjaOne to access their organizations equipment, “When we give access to NinjaOne, we have not had to provide any training whatsoever. They have all grasped how to use NinjaOne fully without any training thanks to intuitive UI.”

Since making the switch to NinjaOne, Dale believes that overall productivity and efficiency have risen at Wood ITC. He elaborates, “Keeping better track of which client devices need more attention, seeing the full diagnostics just by clicking into machines, utilizing the script library and functions more and more–it has all contributed to boosted efficiency and more productivity for us.”

With more time freed up for Wood ITC´s technicians, it has given them more time to spend on support tickets and projects dedicated to their customers. Over the past two years Wood ITC has been able to maintain and provide a high level of IT service for their customers – this has not only helped their customers to grow but Wood ITC has also been able to add 15 new customers.

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