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NinjaOne Simplifies and Scales Alticap's IT Department

With Olivier, CTO at Alticap
Olivier Alticap

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Alticap supports the development of companies in all sectors of activity by optimizing their information systems through ever more intuitive management solutions that are meant to fit their needs.




A simple yet powerful tool

“NinjaOne’s famous simplicity was the factor that made us decide to change our supplier. [NinjaOne is] simple, modern, super responsive, and of high quality,” said Olivier.

Quick and easy change management

“[We] deployed [NinjaOne] to 5,000 devices in less than a week…[NinjaOne] carried out all the preparation and made GBs of data available, so that all these devices were deployed in just a few clicks,” said Olivier.

Automated patch management

“Whether you have 50 or 5,000 [devices], NinjaOne makes it possible for you to automate patch management tasks with a granular level of control over when and how patches are applied to [devices],” said Olivier.

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