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Customer Story

NinjaOne Ticketing saves Philadelphia Museum 100 hours per Year

With John Lock, IT Director
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One of the most historic and prestigious centers of science education and development.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


One of the most historic and prestigious centers of science education and development saw rapid expansion in 2023. Accelerated growth made cost-effective, efficient, and easy-to-use tools imperative across the organization. This especially rang true for the IT department tasked with managing all museum and corporate endpoints.

In early 2023, John Lock, the museum’s IT Director, took on the challenge of bringing endpoint management in-house to reduce costs and efficiently support the museum’s hypergrowth.

With a background working at a Managed Service Provider (MSP), Lock had experience with various legacy solutions. “The legacy tools were overly complex for our needs with a steep learning curve,” said Lock. Spending time and resources learning and implementing a complex solution was a luxury Lock’s team did not have


After discovering NinjaOne, the decision was easy. “NinjaOne has every feature I need and checks everything on my wish-list. I can manage our helpdesk tickets, automate patching, remote into a device and pull reports all in one pane of glass. No matter what it is, NinjaOne can do it,” said Lock.

Before NinjaOne, the museum spent over $18,000 per month outsourcing endpoint management. “An annual subscription to NinjaOne costs 50% less than just one of our previous monthly payments,” said Lock. “On top of that, after a team member departed, NinjaOne handles so many manual tasks that we didn’t need to hire a replacement. That is a huge cost savings.”

Improving Processes, One Ticket at a Time

Ticketing used to be a slow and tedious process. Since implementing NinjaOne Ticketing, Lock’s team saves over 100 hours per year thanks to easy remote access and detailed device information. “With NinjaOne automation, we’ve also reduced many lower-level issues, so my helpdesk team can dedicate time to more complex requests.”

“My team loves working with NinjaOne because it gives them the ability to be successful. NinjaOne makes my job much easier and more enjoyable.”

John Lock, IT Director

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