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St. Francis Winery Slashes Costs and Eliminates Manual Work with NinjaOne

With Rudy Shaw, IT Director
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For over 50 years, St. Francis Winery & Vineyards has produced elegant, fruit-driven wines that best represent the distinct characteristics of Sonoma’s uniquely diverse terroir.


Sonoma, CA



St. Francis Winery is one of Sonoma County’s most notable winemakers, with award-winning wines sold nationwide. When Rudy Shaw, St. Francis Winery’s IT director, joined the team, they relied on N-able software for device management. However, Shaw’s team found themselves consistently in a reactive mode, addressing immediate concerns and troubleshooting problems rather than advancing their IT department. St Francis Winery needed a solution to manage day-to-day tasks, automate manual labor, secure devices, and fit within their budget. Find out how NinjaOne enhanced capabilities, saved costs, and improved efficiency for St. Francis Winery.

Improving endpoint health and efficiency

Within two months of implementation, NinjaOne improved St. Francis Winery’s overall endpoint health by 80%, and NinjaOne’s script automation took Shaw’s average of 10-15 service calls per week down to just one to two per week.

Meaningful cost savings

“After implementing NinjaOne, we cut down our MSP billable hours, which saves us over $72,000 per year while improving our service rate by 90%,” said Shaw.

Simplifying endpoint management

“What made NinjaOne stand out from other endpoint managers was how simple and easy it is to use. I can knock out ten tasks in NinjaOne in the same amount of time it takes me to do one task in Kaseya or ManageEngine – alternative solutions we scoped,” said Shaw.

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