NinjaOne delivers time savings to IT teams

NinjaOne is a force multiplier for IT teams, allowing you to get more done with the resources and headcount you already have via centralized management, remote tools, and automation.
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Centralize management

Monitor and manage all your IT assets, operations, and helpdesk workflows from a single pane of glass.

Manage at scale

Ninja is a force multiplier.

Deploy patches, install software, run scripts, and change configurations on thousands of endpoints with one click – all without leaving your desk.

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Complete Visibility Screen

Get complete visibility

Get perfect visibility into your helpdesk operations, endpoint health, and network performance, enabling efficient and proactive management.

Automate everything

Automate repetitive, time-consuming, or error-prone tasks, shifting technician hours to more strategic, value-added projects.

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Driving radical improvements to IT operations

55% of IT budgets are allocated to ongoing IT operations (Source)

Remote support

Save 6 - 10 minutes per call


Ninja gives users complete information on managed endpoints, remote tools to manage devices, and one-click automations to make remediation faster.

Data collection and reporting

Save 2+ hours per month by automating IT reporting

Visibility matters. Manually hardware and software inventories aren’t sustainable (or accurate). Ninja provides complete, up-to-the-minute visibility into your endpoints.

Faster ticketing remediation

50 – 70% ticket remediation time reduction

With complete device information, contextual incident information, and remote tools to quickly remediate issues, Ninja makes ticket remediation far faster.

Hardware costs

5% reduction in hardware costs due to better inventory and management


Easily identify under-resourced endpoints, failing drives, and other hardware-related issues so you can upgrade or replace them as needed.

Technician travel

Save 1 – 2 hours of travel time per technician per week


90%+ of endpoint issues can be resolved remotely with Ninja, saving your technicians from travelling between buildings, campuses, and locations,

Patch management

90% reduction in time spent patching

(Ninja survey)

Ninja fully automates endpoint patching. From patch identification, to approval, to deployment, Ninja free your team from managing patching.

Fewer tickets

30% fewer tickets through better maintenance


From improved infrastructure reliability and endpoint maintenance to automatic issue remediation, Ninja reduces the number tickets a helpdesk needs to respond to.

Software costs

30% reduction in software license costs through active management


Easily identify what software is on each endpoint with an always-up-to-date software inventory, identify unused applications, and claim licenses back for those who will use them.

Employee downtime

Save non-IT employees 6+ minutes per day on IT tasks


Ninja proactively notifies IT teams of impending and active issues, allow them to remediate before end-users are impacted.

Maintenance and remediation

Save 15 minutes per endpoint per month with automation

(Ninja survey)

Ninja allows you fully automate daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance tasks, even providing just-in-time automations to address remediations I the moment.

Less downtime

80% reduction in unplanned down time


Ninja helps IT teams monitor servers and networks and alert proactively when issues arise, minimizing the likelihood of downtime for everyone.

Fewer tools

Replace 5 – 9 individual IT management point solutions with Ninja


Ninja can easily replace many of the tools you use today: MDM, remote access, device monitoring, patching, and more, saving you license, training, and labor costs.

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IT Productivity Impact

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Automated Patching
Automated Maintenance
Fewer Tickets
Faster Ticket Remediation
Shorter Call Times
Automated Reporting
IT Employee Travel
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Onboarding / Offboarding

Employee Productivity Impact

(In hours) Before After Savings
IT Support Time
Self-Service Support Time
Unplanned Downtime
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FTE equivalent gained
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