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Take Remote Control of Endpoints with One Click

Remotely access Windows and Mac devices right from your NinjaOne console.
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Remote Tools to Fit Any Support Need

Your Choice of Remote Tools

NinjaOne integrates with leading remote control tools TeamViewer, Splashtop, and Connectwise ScreenConnect so MSPs and IT departments can have their choice of ways to connect to endpoints. We also offer a robust RDP tool using our own gateway with multi-screen capability.

Seamless Integrations

NinjaOne customers rave about our meticulously crafted one-click-to-connect integrations saying that they make using third party remote tools feel like a native part of NinjaOne – fast, effortless, and reliable.

Ironclad Security

Ensuring the security of, endpoints and users is critical, so every remote session is protected by TLS and 256-bit encryption. NinjaOne provides granular control over which technicians, end-users, and organizations have access to remote control and all remote sessions are logged and reportable.

Remote Access for End Users

With NinjaOne you can provide end users direct remote access to their on-premises workstations and networks from anywhere – without compromising security – through the NinjaOne End User Portal.

Three Great Options, Unlimited Great Features

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Remote Control & Access How You Want It

NinjaOne integrates seamlessly with TeamViewer, Splashtop, and Connectwise ScreenConnect – three best-in-class solutions – as well as our own RDP tool. All three are supported with our product bundles.
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Support for Multiple Platforms

All NinjaOne Remote Access solutions work with Windows and Mac devices. NinjaOne’s integration with ConnectWise Connect also supports Linux devices.
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Outstanding Visibility

With multi-monitor support and adjustable resolution video streaming, all remote solutions work well under any bandwidth condition for a clear view of the endpoint.
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Security, Built In

NinjaOne remote tools use TLS and AES encryption, all actions taken on devices are meticulously logged, and include end of session lock out features.
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Device > Click > Connect

Remotely connect to devices right from the NinjaOne Device page or directly from a ticket – no signing in, no changing tabs – just fast connection to the endpoint from your NinjaOne console.

Powerful Technician Toolset

All NinjaOne remote tools offer a comprehensive set of easily accessible troubleshooting capabilities that make actions like reboots, file transfers, and launching terminal windows fast and easy.
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End User Remote Access

Through the NinjaOne end-user portal, end users can access internal devices quickly and securely. Access is granted through permission settings in NinjaOne.
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Support Remotely Even While On the Go

All Ninja remote access tools work from the NinjaOne mobile app so even if you’re not at your desk you can provide emergency support right from your phone.
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In-Session User Communication

Live chat is supported on NinjaOne remote tools to easily converse with the end user. TeamViewer also supports audio and video calls for real-time exchanges.

Top Remote Access & Control Options

Leading Remote Control & Access Options

With NinjaOne you can choose between TeamViewer, Splashtop, , or Ninja Cloud RDP, all for the same price and all with one-click machine access from the device console. All three work seamlessly enabling technicians to remote in, work, and log out quickly, reducing MTTR.

Powerful In-Session Tools

Technicians need tools like platform shortcuts, reboot in safe mode, and access to terminal windows within easy reach to resolve endpoint issues quickly. All NinjaOne remote solutions offer not only these great tools, but easy end-user communication channels to ensure users are heard and satisfied.

Remote Access & Control Features to Maintain Session Security

Encrypting data in transit and at rest is a baseline requirement for secure remote sessions. In addition, all NinjaOne remote solutions keep misuse at bay by locking machines after a session ends, deleting clipboards, and logging every action taken on the device for later review.

The Unified IT Management Platform

NinjaOne simplifies IT operations, enabling overburdened IT teams to efficiently manage their entire IT portfolio and support end users from anywhere.

Ninja’s remote access tools give you secure one-click access to your managed endpoints for fast and effective remote support.

By combining remote control with remote monitoring and management, documentation, and ticketing, NinjaOne unifies your support workflow and makes your helpdesk more efficient.


Our remote control solutions enable you to take control of attended or unattended endpoints with a single click and is available out of the box with virtually no setup. Whether you use Splashtop, TeamViewer, ConnectWise Control, or RDP, your connection will be fast, secure, and stable so you can complete tasks faster.

NinjaOne allows you to manage granular permissions and action logs to ensure only users with correct permissions access their assigned endpoints; IT can audit device access.

Ready to become an IT Ninja?

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