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How NinjaOne saved The City of North Adams $20,000 and hours in manual labor.

With Mark, IT Director, and John, IT Manager
City of North Adams

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North Adams is a city in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, United States. It is part of the Pittsfield, Massachusetts Metropolitan Statistical Area, and home to about 12,961 residents.


North Adams, Massachusetts



The City of North Adams, located in Massachusetts’s northwest, is home to twenty-six public facilities and 13,000 residents. Like many local governments, aging devices, limited funds, and personnel shortages can be a stark reality. This reality rang true for Mark, the City of North Adams IT Director, and John, the IT Manager.

“Every city department is looking for extra funds, and more resources,” said Mark. “Not only that, technology changes, getting updated devices and extra tools are extremely difficult to get approved because of the limited resources local governments tend to have.”

On top of that, the city’s IT environment is filled with end-of-life devices, leading to frequent software incompatibilities and the necessity for a patchwork of software platforms. “Managing all our vendors, with poor customer service, took so much time out of my day,” said John.

Mark and John decided to bring in additional resources to consolidate their tech stack, save time, and reduce costs. John had previous experience with Solarwinds and ManageEngine, but “they are so clunky and complex. We needed something lightweight and easy to use,” said John.

After we went through the demo with NinjaOne, we couldn’t believe how powerful, fast and intuitive it was,” said Mark.


After just one year, NinjaOne has overdelivered. Time-savings, costsavings, and outstanding customer service are just a few ways it adds value.

“NinjaOne has 10x the capabilities of our old remote tool, LogMeIn, and it costs us $20,000 less per year,” said Mark. Not only that, but NinjaOne saves the team 20 hours per month in day-to-day tasks. “I used to spend hours twitting my thumbs, waiting for our tools to load and then fixing them when they broke,” said Mark. “Even with our aging devices, NinjaOne is so fast it completely removes that waiting time.”

John added, “To find any information about our devices used to be extremely difficult, time consuming or just impossible. NinjaOne’s device search dashboard lets me create custom columns and fields so I can find all the information about our devices instantly.”

The local government has even noticed increased speed and functionality of city devices. “Our mayor approached me just to say she loved NinjaOne,” said Mark. “She said finally she can do everything she needs to so quickly and efficiently.”

Don’t Sleep on Customer Support:

John and Mark were pleasantly surprised by the exceptional level of customer support they experienced with NinjaOne, far exceeding their initial expectations from the very first day. “Our account manager has made calling and interacting with customer support an enjoyable experience – something I could never say about any other vendor,” said John. “She consistently goes the extra mile for us to make sure we get what we need.”

Mark added, “Working with a company that cares about our needs and continues to come out with enhancements that fit those needs, is a breath of fresh air.” As the City of North Adams continues to grow the overall health of their IT environment, John and Mark are excited to continue using the variety of NinjaOne tools.

“NinjaOne’s product and their customer support is incredible – we can’t wait until we get to a place where we can use more features and integrations,” said Mark.

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