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Easily and securely document credentials, procedures, and environmental details so your technicians never have to waste time hunting for information again.

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How IT Documentation Can Help

When & where you need it

Documentation is built single-pane into our RMM, so technicians can access information mid-workflow with no context switching, making it the most efficient documentation solution on the market.

Helping you stay secure

NinjaOne helps keep all your documentation secure through robust role-based access controls, market-leading platform security, activity logging, and encrypted, MFA-protected credential storage.

Minimize knowledge loss

NinjaOne makes documentation easy so you can turn tribal knowledge into institutional knowledge to minimize key-man risk, improve technician efficiency, and ramp new technicians faster.

Unmatched IT Documentation Management

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Unified and Single-Pane

Unnecessary context switching kills productivity. Ninja unifies endpoint management, ticketing, and documentation into a single solution for ultimate efficiency.
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Structured and Standardized

NinjaOne structures and standardizes documentation across your clients and endpoints so your technicians can easily update or consume documentation data when needed to triage tickets.
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Library of Templates

Ninja Documentation comes equipped with multiple documentation templates that can be imported and used immediately, and follow best practices to get you ready from day one.
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Fully Customizable

In addition to out-of-the-box templates, fully custom documentation templates allow you to document any asset, workflow, account, and more so technicians always have the answer available.
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Completion Progress at a Glance

Prioritize critical information gathering with mandatory statuses and get a bird’s eye view of organizations that have outstanding documentation requirements from your dashboard.
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Enterprise-Grade Security

NinjaOne provides secure file storage and a secure documentation field type that hides data from view and prevents access without an additional MFA check, safeguarding your most important info.
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Relationship Mapping

Connect associated documents and assets like technicians, devices, passwords, and more ensuring transparency and everything you need is in one place.
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Secure Credential Storage

Ensure your credentials are secure with encryption, MFA protection, and role-based access controls.
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Knowledge Base

Collect any necessary documents and files globally or for a specific organization with customizable wiki creation.
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Standardize processes and establish technician consistency with customized checklists that exist at the global or organization level.
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Documentation Automation

Utilize Ninja’s powerful scripting engine and our RESTful API to expedite the development and upkeep of your most important documents.

Why Leading IT Teams Use Ninja’s Documentation

“After reviewing a host of RMM vendors we decided on NinjaOne for affordability, features, integrations, and support. Integrated ticketing and documentation modules allow us to utilize NinjaOne as a nearly one-stop hub for all things…which alleviated two third-party vendors for us.”

– Gil M., CTO

“Ultimately, for us Ninja had everything at the time: remote access, patch management, and they are offering IT Documentation as one of the core features. NinjaOne has really become a unified IT Operations Platform, so it’s cool that they took that feature request seriously. We were able to start small with Ninja and scale as we grew.”

– Alan B., Client Success Representative

Ninja was so easy to setup. It tells me everything I need to know about a computer and what’s going on…documentation is precise, easy to follow, and accurate. I’m not really sure I could love this product and this company any more than I do.”

– Tim V, Director of Technology

Move beyond IT documentation to Unified IT Management


IT Documentation Software FAQs

Documentation is a hassle, unless you have NinjaOne’s IT documentation software. NinjaOne’s IT documentation software allows users to manage documentation from a single console, structure and standardize documents, map relationships, store and secure credentials, and automate documentation development and upkeep. The solution also provides secure file storage and enterprise-grade security to ensure that your important information remains safe and protected. Watch Ninja’s demo video to see how NinjaOne makes documentation a quick and easy process.

The main reason why IT teams adopt IT documentation software is to make documentation easier and simpler. The days of filling out documentation by hand are long-gone, so IT teams rely on documentation software to simplify, automate, standardize, and store documentation. With NinjaOne’s IT documentation software, businesses can handle all types of IT documentation, including process documentation, device documentation, environmental documentation, and credentials documentation.

NinjaOne’s IT documentation software provides IT documentation, ticketing, and endpoint management from a single pane of glass, eliminating the need to switch between tools and screens. With NinjaOne, technicians can reduce knowledge loss, secure information, and simplify IT documentation so that users never have to hunt for information again. Browse the library of documentation templates, or build an unlimited number of customized document templates with 20+ field types. Find out why leading IT teams choose NinjaOne with these IT documentation reviews.

IT teams and MSPs who need to standardize, automate, and simplify IT documentation rely on NinjaOne. Some common issues that NinjaOne immediately solves are constantly switching between tools, memorizing rather than documenting information, always hunting for information, and wasting precious hours on IT documentation processes that can be simplified and automated. If all these issues sound familiar, it’s time to become a Ninja partner. Sign up for a free trial now.

NinjaOne’s IT documentation software is offered with pay-per-device pricing. With NinjaOne, you pay monthly only for the solutions and services that you need. Visit the pricing page and enter your information to receive a custom quote for NinjaOne’s IT documentation software. Want to try the software before you buy it? Sign up for a free trial to access all of NinjaOne’s tools and features.

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