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Customer Story

How NinjaOne Boosts Productivity and Reduces Costs for California Truck Centers

With Phil Mariscal, IT director
California Truck Centers case study

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California Truck Centers is an Authorized Franchise Dealership Group established in 1930, serving Central and Northern California. They offer dedicated divisions, including California Truck Leasing and Rentals for leasing and rentals, and Lee Financial Services for financing semi-trucks for qualified customers.


Fresno, California


If you’ve ever driven in California, you’ve seen a California Truck Centers vehicle. It’s one of the largest Freightliner, Western Star, and RIZON franchise dealership in the state. It is so well respected that Businessweek awarded California Truck Centers “National Dealer of the Year”


For Phil Mariscal, California Truck Centers’ IT director, the need for a simple and reliable endpoint management tool came in 2020 when the demand for shipping and logistics dramatically increased.

“Before NinjaOne, we used Kaseya, which was really hit or miss when it came to updates or patching,” said Mariscal. “The learning curve was so high, almost all my technicians couldn’t do custom scripts, push software or patches.”

With hypergrowth quickly approaching, a complex and unreliable tool couldn’t drive California Truck Centers forward. After trialing the product, the decision to move to NinjaOne wasn’t the only thing that was simple.

“There’s no other tool on the market that’s close to NinjaOne.”
Phil Mariscal, IT Director


“NinjaOne simplified our entire IT shop,” said Mariscal. “All our tools are integrated into one dashboard, which made productivity skyrocket and reduced our ticket remediation time by 20%.

Deploying software packages used to be a weeklong process for Mariscal’s team. Now, NinjaOne runs automatic software deployment packages overnight; a 95%-time reduction and elimination of all manual work. “Without NinjaOne, I would need at least two additional technicians to keep up with our workload,” said Mariscal.

On top of headcount savings, Mariscal reports spending significantly less on overall software costs. “NinjaOne is the most effective endpoint management tool I’ve used, and it’s 60% less expensive than our previous tool,” said Mariscal.

SentinelOne Integration Shifts Endpoint Management into High Gear

Mariscal deployed SentinelOne through NinjaOne to bolster endpoint security measures. “Deploying SentinelOne was quick and easy, instantly providing my team with visibility into endpoint security,” Mariscal remarked.

Within minutes, Mariscal’s team can pull a report of compromised usernames, devices, and an entire threat actor trail if a threat occurs. “It is remarkable,” said Mariscal. “I’ve never worked with a tool that works as fast as NinjaOne.”

With SentinelOne fully integrated with NinjaOne, “when an alert comes in, all technicians can confirm its legitimacy through NinjaOne, instead of clicking into two separate tools, which saves us time and keeps us secure,” said Mariscal.

According to Mariscal, NinjaOne is an integral part of California Truck Centers’ IT department. “There’s no other tool on the market that’s close to NinjaOne,” said Mariscal. “NinjaOne is our one stop shop for endpoint management and security.”

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