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Rare Upcycles Cost Savings Gained from Adopting NinjaOne to Help People and Nature Thrive

With Ron Thomas, VP of Technology
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Rare is a global leader in accelerating social change for people and nature. For 50 years, across 60 countries, they have supported millions of people and thousands of communities to shift their behaviors and practices to protect the planet.


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In search of a better, cost-friendly solution

Rare, a global leader in inspiring social change for people and nature, envisions a world in which human behavior helps restore and protect the natural world that we all depend on. Its team of over 200 is spread across the Americas, Southeast Asia, and Africa in offices, fields, farms, even oceans. With a critical mission at stake, Rare’s IT team needs to be able to keep its vastly distributed team connected and secure — all limited resources.

They found this in NinjaOne.

Rare’s previous IT stack was a disparate multitude of tools driving inefficiency. Senior Technology Manager, Joann Dewwealth-O’Brien explained, “Prior to NinjaOne, we had multiple stand-alone systems that didn’t necessarily talk to each other… For a tiny team like ours, it cost us more money and effort to manage.”


NinjaOne gives time and money back

Rare turned to NinjaOne, and in one fell swoop, consolidated its entire stack into an all-in-one, unified platform.

“With NinjaOne, we have a single pane of glass to manage backups, [ticketing, antivirus, asset management], software updates, software deployment, remote management, and device management and monitoring,” said Dewwealth-O’Brien. “[In] less time, we are able to do so much more.”

Efficiencies have only compounded since then.

“[NinjaOne] has already shown its value in ROI,” said Ron Thomas, Vice President of Technology. “If I had to quantify that, it’s at least a hundred thousand dollars annually…but ultimately we can service our team in the field much better and faster.” Whether it’s the team working on Rare’s Fish Forever, Lands for Life, or Climate Culture programs, servicing remote employees in the field is the team’s top priority. NinjaOne brings their global team closer.

A powerful, feature-packed platform

Although originally looking for a ticketing solution to better serve its team abroad, Rare got that and more.

Rare’s old ticketing system was painfully manual. With NinjaOne Ticketing, they were able to automate countless workflows and save both time and resources.

In addition to ticketing, Rare got powerful antivirus, backup, and reporting solutions built into NinjaOne’s unified platform bolstering their security.

“Having everything in NinjaOne’s single pane of glass, whether it’s our antivirus or Backup, helps us maintain global security. We have a tighter security posture, we can mitigate threats in real time, and we can go into ransomware recovery if needed because we have backups available,” shared Thomas. “Plus, we can pull reporting across all these systems, which enables us to better serve our customers.”

Leveraging technology so people and nature thrive

Technology plays a huge role in Rare’s efforts to make the planet a better place. Whether it’s regenerative agriculture or acquiring funding for local fisheries to protect the natural marine lifecycle, Rare relies on technology to help its team deliver across the globe.

“Thanks to NinjaOne, our small but mighty IT team can remotely support our team working in the field. Implementing NinjaOne has been an absolute gamechanger,” concluded Dewwealth-O’Brien.

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