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Customer Story

NinjaOne Frees Up Resources for Beekmantown Central Schools

With Robert Barcomb, Network and Systems Technician
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Beekmantown Central Schools is a district in upstate New York, fostering academic excellence and holistic development for students from pre-K to 12th grade. Committed to innovation and community engagement, it offers diverse programs and extracurricular activities, preparing students for success in a rapidly changing world.


West Chazy, New York



Beekmantown Central School District’s (BCSD) main objective is to educate and nurture children in grades K-12 to become conscientious citizens, self-directed learners, complex thinkers, and collaborative workers. Computers and digital devices are an excellent tool to aid teachers while pursuing this goal. At the same time, BCSD parents, teachers, and staff want to make sure this technology works effectively as a tool for student learning and growth instead of a disruption to valuable learning time.

Unfortunately, the IT practices that existed at the time skewed toward the latter. The BCSD IT department had to schedule manual patches during school hours, causing school day disruptions. With a limited IT budget, an endpoint management tool that could streamline IT operations and automate daily disruptive tasks seemed far-fetched.

But, after witnessing NinjaOne’s seamless endpoint and patch management capabilities and affordable pricing model, BCSD’s IT department knew they found the perfect tool.


NinjaOne completely eliminated classroom disruptions with its automated tools. “Before NinjaOne, we spent weeks scheduling time with our busy teachers to patch devices,” said Barcomb, BCSD’s network and systems technician. “With NinjaOne, I schedule patches and reboots to push automatically overnight, eliminating the administrative burden on our teachers and saving me at least 20 hours a month in manual tasks.”

Barcomb reported that NinjaOne automation eliminated patch-related helpdesk tickets altogether. When other issues come up, NinjaOne reduced BCSD’s average ticket resolution time by 98%. “Before NinjaOne, issues could take up to two weeks to resolve. With NinjaOne, it takes minutes to look up all device information and remotely resolve the issue,” said Barcomb.

Not only is NinjaOne effective, it’s also affordable. “NinjaOne’s price point is 40% less than any other endpoint management tool on the market, while being more powerful and easier to use,” said Barcomb. “Other legacy solutions are so complex and difficult to learn. Within 5-10 minutes, new technicians fully understand NinjaOne and can effectively manage our endpoints.”

Giving time and money back to teachers, students and the IT department isn’t the only benefit Barcomb sees with NinjaOne. “Network security also increased,” said Barcomb. “NinjaOne’s mobile app lets me instantly restrict and grant user access from anywhere. Now, I can ensure our network is secure even if I’m not at my office desk.” When asked if he would recommend NinjaOne to other school districts, Barcomb replied, “Without a doubt! If you’re looking to get the best return on your investment, this is the endpoint management tool for you. Whether it’s patch management, security, remote access, software deployment – you name it, NinjaOne does it.”

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