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How the Citex Holding Reduced Their Time to Resolution by 50% with NinjaOne

with Andreas Howering and Pietro Mattana
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CiTEX Holding promotes and develops innovative, cross-sector technologies for the industry with a particular focus and specialist knowledge for extrusion.




Based in Melle, near Osnabrück, Germany, Citex Holding GmbH has amassed decades of specialized technological expertise through research and entrepreneurship. The group comprises iNOEX, iBA, and 2pi-Labs, each contributing unique strengths. While iNOEX GmbH stands as a global pioneer in extrusion technology, Citex Holding GmbH has gained prominence in the region for its instrumental role in nurturing technological startups and fostering innovation. In an illuminating interview, we had the privilege of speaking with Andreas Howering and Pietro Mattana, key figures at the heart of Citex Holding’s journey.

The catalyst behind Citex Holding’’s quest for a new solution

In the beginning, Andreas and Pietro orchestrated the IT landscape across the corporate group without the aid of a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool. However, the eruption of the Ukrainian conflict introduced complications, leading to the prohibition of Kaspersky’s solution for CiTEX. In response, following the guidance of the Federal Office for Information Security of Germany (BSI), they embarked on a journey to discover viable alternatives.

The surge in remote work dynamics also played a pivotal role in their pursuit. Concurrently, they were faced with the challenge of efficiently managing diverse locations spread across the USA, Germany, and China. This dual need propelled them to seek a comprehensive solution. Their choice of antivirus software crystallized around Bitdefender, alongside supplementary modules catering to critical devices—namely Advanced Threat Detection and Endpoint Detection and Response. The sphere of patch management was not immune to scrutiny either; the evaluation encompassed NinjaOne, Ivanti, and even Microsoft’s WSUS.

Andreas: With other solutions, we had to do a lot of configurations to get the systems up and running initially. With NinjaOne you install it and immediately reap the benefits!

Pietro: We have a small team. We can’t invest too much energy into configuring and maintaining software. It needs to run in the background!

Andreas: Patching now happens automatically. We rarely need to follow up, and if something goes wrong somewhere, we are notified.

Pietro: Ultimately, NinjaOne appeared to us as the most competent company. The product is regularly and actively developed, and the fast support convinced us.

Enhancing employee satisfaction through NinjaOne’s Ticketing system

Pursuing a holistic software solution that eliminates the need for multiple isolated platforms was a crucial objective for Citex Holding. In this regard, NinjaOne distinguished itself by offering a seamlessly integrated ticketing system.

Andreas: NinjaOne’s ticketing system was warmly welcomed by our colleagues. Previously, we only had email and phone support. There were times when inquiries were lost in the shuffle. With NinjaOne Ticketing, both we and our users always have the entire exchange of messages in an overview.

Pietro: For me, it’s extremely helpful that I can troubleshoot directly from within a ticket. All the essential device information is readily accessible and presented in a clear manner. Personally, I also find the built-in CMD and PowerShell console super practical. The ability to assist users directly with the remote control console is incredibly beneficial as well.

Andreas: NinjaOne Ticketing has brought us a significant improvement in communication with our end users. It doesn’t matter if they are in the office, remote, or even in a different country. Among our IT-savvy power users, the Enduser Sharing feature is also highly popular. This allows them to log in themselves at any time and see all their tickets in an overview. Overall, ticketing has proven to be an effective tool for strengthening employee engagement.

Since its inception in May 2022, Citex Holding has achieved an impressive 50% reduction in its time-to-resolution by harnessing the power of NinjaOne’s RMM and ticketing combination. Since its integration, NinjaOne has seamlessly woven itself into Citex’s IT management landscape, becoming an indispensable asset that Andreas and Pietro can’t imagine working without.

Andreas: NinjaOne provides us with a sense of security. When we have a new device, the first step is always to install NinjaOne. It’s the most essential thing we install on new devices.

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