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Get full visibility over your IT estate and control over IT assets to improve support outcomes, drive end-use productivity, secure endpoints, and deliver a better IT experience for everyone.

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We solve tech company IT challenges

Technology workers are often highly distributed – between offices, the field, and home – and their IT teams often support a greater distribution of device types, technology needs, and applications. The inherent complexity of modern distributed enterprises adds a burden of cost and complexity to IT management.

NinjaOne is the industry’s only unified IT management solution that provides full visibility into managed endpoints, full control over end-user devices, and the ability to automate maintenance, management, and security workflows across devices at scale.

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Support end-users and their devices remotely

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Drive productivity by minimizing IT-related interruptions and inefficiencies

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Patch, harden, and secure all your endpoints

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Protect critical endpoint data from loss and ransomware

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Manage the end-to-end IT support workflow in a single pane

NinjaOne enables infrastructure free IT management at scale

Support end users and manage devices anywhere

Technology companies are highly distributed businesses, with employees and IT assets spread around the world, often working outside the office.

NinjaOne enables IT teams to manage business networks, servers, and end-user devices centrally from a single-pane-of-glass. You won’t need technicians physically available to all employees or moving between locations to keep your infrastructure running and staff supported.

Automate manual endpoint tasks

As the leading solution for unified IT management, NinjaOne gives IT teams unprecedented ability to automate endpoint management at scale.

Automate common workflows including new device setup, vulnerability identification and patch deployment, and application installation across endpoints.

Unlike point solutions NinjaOne enables automation across and between workflows.

Protect IT assets and critical IP

Unique company IP and endpoints containing that data are top targets for bad actors. IT leaders are responsible for minimizing vulnerabilities and ensuring this is protected.

NinjaOne automates patch management across endpoints and provides tools that help you reduce vulnerabilities, harden endpoints, backup and restore critical business data, and protect against advanced threats.

Reduce cost and complexity

Every year, businesses rely more heavily on technology to enable front-line workers to deliver services to clients. Business leaders expect those services to be delivered to them in a cost-effective and efficient way.

NinjaOne replaces many of the point solutions used by IT teams to deliver infrastructure management and support services, leading to lower software license costs, reduced solution complexity, and a smaller attack surface.

What our tech company partners say

5-star Rated by IT Pros

G2 Endpoint Management Leader Spring 24
G2 Easiest Setup - Spring 2024
G2 - 5 stars reviews
GetApp - 5 stars reviews
Capterra - 5 stars reviews
Software Advice - 5 stars reviews

Key Features

Patch your Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints


Keep endpoints secure and devices up-to-date by automating Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system patch management. Easily configure patching preferences with the most granular patch management workflow in the industry. Easily deploy and automatically update the most common third-party applications across endpoints.

Take control with fast and secure remote access


Quickly, easily, and securely take control of endpoints using one of Ninja’s fully integrated, one click remote access tools. Perform maintenance, verify issues, and provide quick support using TeamViewer, Splashtop, RDP, or Connectwise Control with lightning-fast connection speeds.

Deploy applications and setup new devices


Automate your IT asset lifecycle management. Setup and configure new endpoints, deploy applications, get up-to-the-minute software and hardware inventories, and identify device upgrade and retirement needs.

Automate device configuration and maintenance

  • Save time and boost productivity by automating repeatable tasks and basic remediations with powerful scripting and automation capabilities. Deploy automations on demand, on schedule, or in response to alerts using one of five common scripting language Ninja supports (Powershell, Batch, Javascript, ShellScript, and VBScript).

Protect critical business data


Deploy and manage your antivirus and security applications from within Ninja, configure devices to improve security, and protect critical business data via Ninja’s built-in cloud backup solution.

Get full visibility into all your IT assets


See all of your IT assets – Windows, Mac, Linux, SNMP, and cloud endpoints – in a single pane of glass. At-a-glance identify the health and performance of a device, see what issues need to be remediated, and quickly take action.

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