Centralized IT Management for State and Local Government

Information technology is the bedrock on which state and local governments rely to delivery essential community services. Ninja provides the toolset IT leaders in government need to centrally monitor, patch, and manage their entire IT portfolio.
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460+ Government IT Teams Support 135,000+ Endpoints with NinjaOne

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IT leaders in state and local government face a unique set of challenges: they’re expected to provide support and manage infrastructure across highly distributed administrative, legislative, community, and public safety agencies. They need a tool to centralize and automate IT management.

Use Ninja to support

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Multiple agencies with differing needs

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Remote and distributed employees and officials

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Windows, Mac, Linux, SNMP, and virtual endpoints

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Employees working out of office (LEO, First Responders, etc)

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MSP co-managed IT environment

How Ninja helps state and local government IT directors

Centralize IT management

State and local government is often a distributed workplace – with employees, services, and agencies spread across multiple buildings and campuses. Ninja enables IT departments to manage all the IT assets spread across locations and agencies centrally from a single-pane-of-glass. You won’t need technicians in each agency or at each campus to keep your infrastructure running and employees supported.

Monitor and manage everything

In addition to the diversity of server and networking devices used across agencies, staff and officials are all accessing government resources from endpoints with a wide variety of operating system, hardware, and software specifications. Ninja enables you to monitor and manage Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints, servers, network devices, laptops, and virtual machines all from a single-pane-of-glass.

Reduce cost and complexity

Every year IT teams are expected to deliver an ever increasing number of IT services in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Ninja replaces many of the point solutions used by IT teams in government to deliver infrastructure management and support services, leading to lower software license costs, reduced solution complexity, and a smaller attack surface.

Improve security

Visibility is often seen as the baseline for IT security. Ninja gives you full visibility into your IT asset portfolio so you always know the health, performance, and status of the endpoints you manage. Automated patching, software deployment, and device configuration functionality allow you to harden your endpoints and keep critical data secured, setting a baseline for next generation security products.

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See how the City of Vidalia took full control of their distributed IT assets

What our state and local government partners say

I didn’t like that we were physically going to individual endpoints for software installations, patching, and maintenance. We purchased Ninja to be our entry point into all the devices we manage. It helps us simplify and automate our critical IT processes. Ninja has lots of features without a lot of complexity.

We had been using WSUS to patch our endpoints, but it was completely broken. Ninja allowed us to go beyond patching to holistic endpoint management – it’s very automated and easy to use for our small IT department.

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