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Red Road Networks Leverages NinjaOne Backup to Maximize ROI for All

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Red Road Networks is an IT managed services provider in New Mexico helping small businesses simplify IT in a way that both streamlines and strengthens their entire infrastructure. In addition to offering general managed services, Red Road Networks specializes in providing security and business continuity solutions to small businesses.


Albuquerque, NM



Red Road Networks is an IT managed services provider in New Mexico that helps small businesses simplify IT and streamline and strengthen their entire infrastructure. In 2021, Chris Porosky, CEO of Red Road Networks, and his small but mighty team of technicians used N-able’s backup solution. With significant platform increases, Porosky began looking for an alternative solution.

Learn how NinjaOne Backup increased profitability for Red Road Networks.

ROI for all

“One of the ways we made the 20 – 30% price increase more palatable to customers was rolling backup into all their plans. No one pushed back. The extra value added by NinjaOne Backup made the price increase a really easy conversation with customers,” said Porosky.

Safeguarding critical data while saving money

“With file backup, we can protect only the critical business data on an endpoint and save significantly on cloud storage costs,” said Porosky.

Fully integrated backup

NinjaOne seamlessly integrates with NinjaOne Backup, so it’s easy to setup and deploy. Not only that, but NinjaOne’s backup policies give us a ton of control over what we backup, which helps us balance our data protection needs with storage costs,” said Porosky.

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