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Customer Story

How NinjaOne Brought Endpoint Management to Kearney County Health Services at Half the Price

With Marc Regenos, IT Specialist
Kearney County Health Services customer story featured

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KCHS offers comprehensive healthcare services for the whole family. Their mission is to provide exceptional family-centered care while strengthening the health and well-being of the community.


Minden, Nebraska


Kearney County Health Services provides residents of Minden, Nebraska with state-of-the-art medical care without the long travel time to a larger city. Rural communities near Minden depend on Kearney County Health’s medical clinic, senior life solutions, and outpatient services.


Marc Regenos, Kearney County Health Services’ IT specialist, oversees all devices, servers, and network health throughout the medical facility. With the mission of providing exceptional medical care, healthy and efficient devices are critical. Shortly after joining Kearney County Health Services, Regenos and team took on building an internal IT department.

“Previously, we outsourced all device management, which meant we had no visibility or control over our network,” said Regenos. “We needed an endpoint management tool that could give me ownership over my devices and one that is easy to use and implement.” After trialing NinjaOne for just two days Regenos realized that it was the complete solution.


NinjaOne — exactly what the doctor ordered

For IT teams in the medical industry, limiting device disruption is critical for consistent and quality patient care. “With our old set up, deploying software could take weeks,” said Regenos. “With the help of NinjaOne’s support team, NinjaOne deployed to every endpoint in under four hours, with zero disruption to our medical staff.”

Regenos can now easily ensure all devices are healthy and active to support its medical professionals around the clock. When issues do arise, quick and seamless remote access is a necessity. “NinjaOne’s remote access is so fast and easy, it’s reduced our issue remediation time by 75%. That’s time given directly back to a doctor or nurse to focus on a patient,” said Regenos. “NinjaOne’s mobile app also makes it easy to remediate any issues during off-hours.”

Not only does NinjaOne save time managing current devices but also when deploying new machines. “It used to take us two hours to set up a new device and install necessary software,” said Regenos. “NinjaOne automation reduced that time to just 30 minutes.”

NinjaOne’s software inventory and reporting features give Kearney County Health Services’ IT team complete ownership and visibility over their network and allows them to better support their staff.

“Before NinjaOne, we couldn’t manage devices effectively because we didn’t know they existed or what condition they were in,” said Regenos. “NinjaOne gives us the ability to identify when new devices are needed and manage all their devices with no disruptions.”

Regenos concluded, “In the medical field, everything is top priority. Our job is to keep technology available and ready for our patients. NinjaOne allows us to do that.”

“NinjaOne has been invaluable since day one. NinjaOne has every feature I needed and is much easier to use than our previous tool – while costing 50% less.

Marc Regenos, IT Specialist

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