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Customer Story

NinjaOne Makes Feltl and Company’s IT Department 70% More Efficient

With Brennan Olson, IT Director
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Specializing in market research and custom financial solutions, Felt and Company has a 40-year legacy of guiding clients to financial success with their expert services.


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In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, the success of investment firms often hinges on being quick to seize strategic opportunities. For Feltl and Company, manual patch and endpoint management used to cause delays for employees and consumed the IT department’s resources.

“With no remote access and visibility into my environment, I spent most of my days fixing simple end-user issues and manually patching devices,” said Brennan Olson, Feltl and Company’s IT director. “I needed a tool to take over endpoint management so I could focus on business growth.”

After looking into several legacy solutions, Olson knew he needed to look outside the box. “ManageEngine and Kaseya have massive price tags, and they’re extremely difficult to learn and implement,” said Olson. “When I found NinjaOne, it was a breath of fresh air. Its pricing is flexible and fit our budget, while being so intuitive.”


According to Olson, NinjaOne’s effectiveness can’t be overstated. “Since implementing NinjaOne, I’ve become 70% more efficient. I can resolve tickets 98% faster, and I’ve automated our entire software deployment process. Those automations save me over 100 hours a month,” said Olson. NinjaOne has not only automated daily tasks, but also eliminated previous issues. “NinjaOne’s customizable policies reduced the number of helpdesk tickets I receive by 30%,” reported Olson.

With no extra IT support, Olson must always have access to his network to ensure smooth business operations. “Before NinjaOne, I had no way to help end-users if I wasn’t at my desk,” said Olson. “NinjaOne’s mobile app lets me push out patches, reset passwords, and even deploy software from anywhere. It’s so convenient and keeps my end-users happy, while giving me more flexibility.”

NinjaOne’s gives complete visibility into all endpoints, which allows for quick and painless reporting. “In the financial industry, if devices are not secure, your business can be at risk for hefty fines,” said Olson. “NinjaOne’s reporting feature is so accurate and easy to use, I’ve never received a single fine due to an audit.”

“Overall, NinjaOne makes my job easier and more enjoyable,” said Olson. “I’ve been working in the IT industry for over 17 years, and NinjaOne is the best endpoint management tool on the market. I would recommend it to anyone.”

“I’ve been working in the IT industry for over 17 years, and NinjaOne
is the best endpoint management tool on the market.”

Brennan Olson, IT Director

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