Customers Rate NinjaOne as the No. 1 Software for Endpoint Management, Patch Management, and RMM in G2’s Summer 2024 Report

Customers Rate NinjaOne No. 1 in Eight IT Categories

NinjaOne is once again awarded top spot in the latest G2 Report

G2 Leader - Summer 2024


G2 Leader - Summer 2024
G2 Leader - Summer 2024
G2 Leader - Summer 2024
IT Asset
G2 Leader - Summer 2024


G2 Leader - Summer 2024
G2 Leader - Summer 2024

PC Backup

G2 Leader - Summer 2024

Unified Endpoint Managment

NinjaOne rated No. 1 in Endpoint Management, again!

Get market leading endpoint visibility and control in an easy-to-use platform that drives technician efficiency.

NinjaOne enables IT teams to monitor, manage, patch and secure any endpoint anywhere. Quick to implement, easy to learn and intuitive to use, NinjaOne gives IT teams everything they need to manage devices at scale.

G2 Leader - Summer 2024
G2 Leader - EMEA - Summer 2024
G2 Best Usability - Mid-Market - Summer 2024
G2 Best Results - Mid-Market - Summer 2024
G2 Most Implementable - Mid-Market - Summer 2024

“Overall, we highly recommend NinjaOne for any organization looking for reliable and efficient endpoint management services. Their outstanding support and excellent value make them a standout choice in the industry.”

John Allen,
IT Director of Infrastructure and Operations

“We can’t really say enough good things about NinjaOne. It has streamlined so many repetitive administrative-related tasks and allowed us to create a predictably configured fleet of enduser computers.”

Samir Butt,
IT Security Engineer

Customers once again rate NinjaOne No. 1 in Patch Management

NinjaOne helps IT teams improve security with automated patch management software that enables you to identify, evaluate and deploy patches to any device, anywhere – no infrastructure required.

Join the 95% of NinjaOne customers who reported improved patch compliance and 90% time-reduction in patching across Windows, MacOS, and Linux endpoints.

G2 Leader - Summer 2024
G2 Leader - EMEA - Summer 2024
G2 Leader - Asia Pacific - Summer 2024
G2 Leader - Mid-Market - Summer 2024
G2 Best Meets Requirements - Enterprise - Summer 2024

“With NinjaOne, we effortlessly manage and deploy updates, ensuring that the systems are protected against vulnerabilities and operating at their best. NinjaOne saves us time and streamlines our patch management process.”

Ioan Strelenciuc,
IT Analyst

“One of the most helpful features of NinjaOne is the automated scripting feature. It allows us to quickly and effectively update and deploy software to hundreds of stations without taking hours out of our day. It’s like having an army of helpdesk engineers assisting you!”

Adam Pudwill,
IT Manager

The No. 1-rated RMM for 5 years running

NinjaOne gives MSPs and IT teams everything they need to deliver better, more efficient IT services with fewer headaches and happier technicians.

Our RMM is easy to set up, learn, and implement, instantly adding value to your organization.


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“Before NinjaOne, managing devices felt like herding cats. Now, it’s like the cats are all in a row, doing a synchronized dance. NinjaOne’s simplicity and intuitive interface lets me spend less time figuring out how to do things and more time actually doing them. NinjaOne means less stress, more efficiency, and more joy in my day-to-day work.”

Julian Thibeault,

“NinjaOne is the lifeblood of our MSP business, and we use it every minute of every day. NinjaOne was a breeze to implement and learn the basics, plus it’s better, cheaper and easier to use than competitors. They are constantly improving and upgrading it.”

Ira Greene,

Quick to setup, easy to learn, best-in-class value

One week icon

1 Week

Most NinjaOne users are fully operational in less than 1 week

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3 Hours

Learning NinjaOne tasks takes less than 3 hours on average

10 Hours

IT teams spend 10+ hours less managing NinjaOne than previous solutions

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6 Months

NinjaOne produces a positive ROI in half the time of other solutions.

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G2 Leader - Summer 2024
G2 Best Results - Summer 2024
G2 Best Usability - Summer 2024
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G2 Leader - Summer 2024
G2 Best Results - Summer 2024
G2 Best Usability - Summer 2024
G2 Users Love Us Badge