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Bonner County Eliminates Manual Work and Reduces Costs with NinjaOne

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Bonner County is a county in the northern part of the U.S. state of Idaho. It is home to more than 47,00 residents across its sprawling 1,900 square miles.


Bonner County, ID



Nestled in the picturesque northern panhandle of Idaho, Bonner
County is home to 47,000 residents spread across its sprawling 1,900
square miles. The IT systems administrator for Bonner County leads an
IT team tasked with deploying new endpoints and ensuring the security
and management of all 500 existing endpoints. Before discovering NinjaOne, the IT team at Bonner County relied on ManageEngine to secure and manage endpoints. The IT systems administrator at Bonner County described ManageEngine as “confusing, tedious and inefficient.”

Find out how switching to NinjaOne eliminated manual labor and made IT processes more efficient for Bonner County’s IT department.

24X faster endpoint mangement

“Our processes have become 24x faster with NinjaOne – we don’t have to wait for policies to take effect or for a device to connect to a VPN to make sure it’s updated,” said the IT systems administrator.

Streamlined application

“With NinjaOne, we set up and apply policies instantly. Tool and application installations happen in real-time, vastly different from the previous day-long wait,” the IT systems administrator said.

Eliminate tedious tasks with automation

With script automations and the ability to create customizable policies, NinjaOne completely eliminated the 100+ hours previously spent updating devices.

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