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Customer Story

3 Reasons Why TeamLogic IT Selected NinjaOne to Manage Over 100,000 Endpoints

With Dan Shapero, President/COO
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TeamLogic IT is a national provider of advanced technology solutions for companies of all sizes. Local offices provide clients with the IT support they need to run their businesses more efficiently by leveraging the latest technology solutions including managed IT services, cybersecurity, business continuity, cloud, data/voice/connectivity, and consulting and support.


Mission Viejo, California


3 Reasons Why TeamLogic IT Selected NinjaOne to Manage Over 100,000 Endpoints


Dan Shapero – President/COO
Michael Rogan – Vice President, Managed Services & Technology

First 90 Days:

  • 100,000 Endpoints Migrated in 90 Days 
  • 10/10 Change Management Experience 

Forty years ago, John Gage of Sun Microsystems coined the phrase, “The Network is the Computer.” Today, that rings truer than ever. With over 100,000 endpoints under management, TeamLogic IT is responsible for monitoring and managing one of the largest networks in the United States.

Or as Dan Shapero, TeamLogic’s president put it, “[We’re] one big IT shop.” The responsibility of that role is one Shapero takes seriously: “[TeamLogic IT] team owners are the trusted advisors in their local community. They’re the ones making a difference, whether it was helping people through the pandemic by setting up a remote workforce, or troubleshooting everyday IT problems,” TeamLogic IT keeps the network running and healthy so that local communities can continue to thrive.

With client experience atop its priority list, TeamLogic IT knew that its previous remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool of twenty years was beginning to falter. TeamLogic IT needed an innovative, scalable RMM that could power its business for generations to come. After thorough research and testing, TeamLogic IT selected NinjaOne.

“This was a very generational and transformational decision for us to make,” said Michael Rogan, Vice President of Managed Services and Technology at TeamLogic, Inc. 

Learn why TeamLogic IT selected NinjaOne to manage and monitor its network of over 100,000 endpoints.

1. Future-Proofing its Business

After twenty years of using a legacy RMM, why make the switch and why NinjaOne? 


When we made our decision to partner with NinjaOne, we knew it wasn’t just for the next few years. This was a decision that we didn’t take lightly; this was a long-term decision for us. We add thousands of devices to our network every single year. So, we’re not just looking at 100,000 devices today, it’s several hundred thousand devices or more in the years to come. We wanted to find a partner that could provide a modern architecture that was secure and a support system that met the needs of our teams and all their technicians.  

We looked at eight different RMMs and at the end of the day, NinjaOne was the best fit for us because it’s a scalable solution. It’s built on a modern SaaS architecture and it’s future-proof. If you look at how it’s built, it doesn’t have all the code bloat that some of the other applications on the market have. NinjaOne is built with security and scalability and mind. 

NinjaOne is a scalable solution. It’s built on a modern SaaS architecture and it’s future-proof.”Dan Shapero, President 

2. Unrivalled Partnership 

Were there any other differentiators that made NinjaOne stand out from the field?  


The first thing that comes to mind is culture. NinjaOne’s culture is a perfect match for us and that is very important. NinjaOne is a very cooperative organization, from top to bottom. Everyone we talk to is very collaborative and willing to help. NinjaOne listens to the ideas that we have as an organization, they listen to our team, and when there’s a concern, they listen, and they act. I would say that’s probably the biggest differentiator. That’s incredible.

3. Fully Supported Migration

How did NinjaOne partner with TeamLogic IT to migrate 100,000 endpoints? 


Moving 100,000 devices in 90 days is no small feat. We had business constraints as to why we needed to do what we did in a very short timeframe. So, we quickly mobilized and decided to migrate in waves. We met with NinjaOne weekly to make sure that everyone was on task. During each wave, NinjaOne’s account management team reached out to all our project owners to kick things off and kept tabs on them throughout the whole process. Ahead of the migration, NinjaOne prepared the assets that we needed to be successful: documentation, the Dojo, and technical support. NinjaOne was there for us the whole way.


Our experience with the NinjaOne support team throughout the migration has been outstanding. If I had to grade the change management process, I’d give it a solid ten out of ten. 

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