Report a Security Vulnerability

Customers rely on NinjaOne to keep security a top priority and we are committed to ensuring that our products and our customers’ data are secure and private. We are also committed to adhering to global and industry compliance initiatives. We prepare for incidents, and we help you prepare, respond to, and remediate the consequences of any incidents.

If you discover a security vulnerability in a NinjaOne product, we want to know about it. To help us best route you, please select one of the two options below.

Customers/Potential Customers

If you’re a NinjaOne Customer or Potential Customer and believe you have found a security vulnerability pertaining to NinjaOne, please contact [email protected]. If you already reported a vulnerability, we’ll be in touch with you through the ticket.

To learn about how we continue to strengthen our security posture through SOC-2 certification as well as developing an internal “red team”, please click here.

Security Researchers

NinjaOne utilizes Hacker1 for our bug bounty program. If you would like to receive an invite to our program, please email [email protected] with the details of the vulnerability.

Questions? Submit your question to NinjaOne Support.

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