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At NinjaOne, we believe that you shouldn’t have to settle for poor service, and we’re proud that a recent MSP Reddit survey placed NinjaOne at the top when it comes to customer support. Because when you choose NinjaOne, you’re not just getting a powerful, easy-to-use tool, you’re getting a partner in your growth.

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At NinjaOne, our relationship begins with our first contact. We strive to ensure that every interaction is easy, refreshing and successful, so you’re confident in your decision to become an IT ninja.

Michael Shelton, VP of Global Product Support, NinjaOne
Michael Shelton

Quick and Easy Onboarding

NinjaOne’s customer success team strives to build substantial and long-lasting relationships with you, starting from day one. Our free and unlimited onboarding service makes getting up and running quick and easy.

Switching to NinjaOne was one of the best decisions we ever made. The layout and design are both easy to learn and teach, but it’s also a very powerful tool. The online community is very active and the key people at NinjaOne are right there, just as involved and always ready to listen to new ideas.

Matthew Hopkins
Owner at The Tech Doctor
Matthew Hopkins
By far the best RMM system currently available. It’s beautiful & intuitive. Fully SaaS. Easy to use. Excellent automation functionality. We’re currently using Ninja to automatically detect/remediate a whole host of issues!

Jason Danner
Co-Founder at Aerorock IT
Jason Danner

Refreshing Technical Support

With NinjaOne, you’re not a ticket or a number on a screen. You’re a person with a real business who we want to succeed. Consider our support team to be an extension of your company. We believe in transformational—not transactional—interactions and are always looking for ways to “wow” you.


1st Response Time

65 minutes



CSAT Score

Stat 98 percent


Successful Training

The NinjaOne training team’s ongoing mission is to provide valuable technical advice and marketing materials to aide you as you grow your business. We provide resources through various mediums that make not only the onboarding and troubleshooting process intuitive and seamless, but help you make the most of your RMM.

NinjaOne provides a reliable and dynamic platform to help manage our clients’ technology. As a growing company, we feel that NinjaOne is aligned with our goals and can contribute greatly to our success.

Matt Donnelly
CTO at Mitchell and Company
Matt Donnelly
Ninja has been a perfect fit for SidNetworks and has been instrumental in improving the profitability of my contracts through automated patch management, maintenance scripts, and a great remote administration tool!

Sidney Collum
CTO at Mitchell and Company

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