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Unlocking Efficiency and Empowering Teams with NinjaOne: A Social Deal Success Story

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Social Deal is a platform that offers daily deals and discounts for various local activities, restaurants, wellness centers, events and more. It is like a digital coupon book for all kinds of experiences.




In the fast-paced world of tech-driven companies, efficiency and effective IT management are paramount. For Social Deal, a rapidly growing online platform that connects millions of users with local businesses, achieving optimal IT operations is not just a matter of convenience—it’s critical for delivering exceptional service to customers and partners alike.

Social Deal, with its 275+ endpoints scattered across multiple locations, was in search of a robust Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solution that could cater to their growing demands. This search culminated in their choice of NinjaOne, which delivered unmatched efficiency and significant cost reductions. We had a conversation with Stijn Bonekamp, the IT manager at Social Deal, to delve into their experience.

Before NinjaOne: A Patchwork of Tools and Manual Effort

Before Social Deal made the transition to NinjaOne, their IT department was navigating a labyrinth of separate tools and manual processes. This complex arrangement posed a multitude of challenges, including sluggish workflows and a heavy reliance on manual intervention. Stijn explains, “At the time everything was done locally, this means we had to physically go and set up every device.” Also, when there were issues, they lacked visibility of the devices vitals making it difficult to troubleshoot.

Why NinjaOne: Speed, Savings, and Seamless Integration

Around three years ago, Social Deal found its remedy in NinjaOne. The transition offered a plethora of advantages, with speed topping the list. They witnessed an impressive acceleration in their processes, reducing the time spent on tasks significantly. This newfound speed became a game-changer, not just for the IT team but also for their sales force, which works remotely.

Before NinjaOne, remote sales team members faced substantial hurdles when encountering technical issues. Stijn recounted, “If a salesperson encountered problems with their laptop, we had to instruct them to come to our office. It disrupted their workflow, caused delays, and incurred unnecessary expenses because they were unable to continue their work.”

NinjaOne eliminated this bottleneck. With the ability to remotely troubleshoot and resolve issues, Social Deal’s sales team could seamlessly continue their work from any location, saving both time and money.

Scripting and Patch Management – Simplified and Automated

NinjaOne’s scripting capabilities ushered in a new era of automation for Social Deal. As Stijn noted, “Scripting was a breeze with Ninja. We could easily create and execute scripts, simplifying tasks that used to take hours into mere minutes.”

Scripting was just one facet; NinjaOne’s robust patch management system ensured that their endpoints were consistently up to date. This proactive approach to system maintenance bolstered security and productivity across the organization. It gave the IT team peace of mind, knowing that their systems were safeguarded against vulnerabilities.

Effortless Onboarding, Roadmap Transparency, and Top-Notch Support

Onboarding new team members was a breeze with NinjaOne. New hires quickly became proficient in navigating the platform, thanks to its intuitive interface. Stijn shared, “Within two weeks, our new colleague was well-versed in Ninja. Troubleshooting and understanding the basics of Ninja became second nature.”

Social Deal highly values NinjaOne’s dedication to innovation. They’re impressed with the clear transparency surrounding the product roadmap, and the fact that they can offer feedback that influences NinjaOne’s product development. Moreover, NinjaOne’s technical support has been exemplary; their prompt responses and effective problem-solving have garnered high praise.”We classified our tickets based on urgency, and even for the less critical ones, we received prompt responses and resolutions. Technical support is top-notch,” remarked Stijn.

Conclusion: A Transformational Partnership

In their journey with NinjaOne, Social Deal has unlocked unparalleled efficiency and cost savings. The speed at which they can now resolve issues not only benefits their IT team but also empowers their entire organization. Automation through scripting and robust patch management has simplified their operations and strengthened their security posture. Onboarding is a breeze, and their influence on NinjaOne’s roadmap ensures that the platform aligns with their evolving needs.

Social Deal’s story is a testament to the transformative power of NinjaOne. It’s more than just an RMM tool; it’s a partner in efficiency, innovation, and success. As they continue to grow and evolve, they can rest assured that we will be right there with them, supporting their journey every step of the way.

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