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Seraphine Boosts Efficiency by 50% with NinjaOne

  • Large, inefficient IT stack
  • Tedious IT reporting
  • Slow ticket resolution
  • All-in-one tool enhanced efficiency by 50%
  • Security reporting takes 30% less time
  • Ticket resolution time reduced by 15%
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Seraphine is an award-winning maternity fashion brand specializing in fashion-forward clothes for moms-to-be. Seraphine operates nine clothing stores and distributes its coveted styles via department stores in fashion hubs like London, Paris, and New York. With a booming e-commerce business, securing and managing Seraphine’s IT network is critical for business operations and growth. Darwish Baganian, Seraphine’s infrastructure and IT security manager, is responsible for all endpoint security and daily device management. Before NinjaOne, Baganian and his team used Action1 to manage endpoints. However, efficiency suffered due to the solution’s missing features, unreliable reporting, and lack of third-party integrations.

Learn how Searphine’s partnership with NinjaOne enhanced team efficiency and streamlined IT processes.

All-in-one solution unlocks efficiency

“Consolidating all our tools into one platform makes our team 50% more efficient,” said Baganian.

Enhancing security while saving time

“Previously, finding endpoint information to ensure network security consisted of logging into multiple portals and scrolling through confusing menu options,” said Baganian. “With NinjaOne, we can find all endpoint information easily without leaving the dashboard, which reduced the time we spend on security reports by 30%.”

Saving time with every ticket

“By month two, NinjaOne’s robust remote features and automatic documentation reduced our average ticket resolution time by 15%,” said Baganian.

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