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NinjaOne Reduced Helpdesk Calls Citrus Motors Receives by 80%

With Phil Collett, IT Director
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Citrus Motors, a family-owned business with over 75 years of legacy, is a leading auto sales, servicing, and detailing company. Specializing in providing a comprehensive automotive experience, Citrus Motors has established itself as one of the top automotive dealers in the U.S.


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Citrus Motors is one of California’s leading auto sales, servicing, and detailing companies. To continue delivering top-notch services and excellent customer care, efficiency, and organization are necessary for all teams. This especially rings true for their IT department. Phil Collett, the IT director at Citrus Motors, used a patchwork of IT tools to manage endpoints and keep servers running smoothly. An extensive tech stack proved inefficient and difficult to manage for Collett. Find out how Citrus Motors partnered with NinjaOne to consolidate its tech stack, reduce manual tasks, and increase IT capabilities.

Manual tasks eliminated

Prior to NinjaOne, Collett personally handled all troubleshooting, helpdesk inquiries, and patching. When he deployed NinjaOne, he immediately leveraged automations to increase his bandwidth. “With NinjaOne automations, I save 40 hours a month,“ said Collett.

80% less helpdesk requests

“Since using NinjaOne’s automatic reboot feature, we’ve reduced the number of helpdesk calls we get by 80%. When we do receive calls, NinjaOne’s remote access reduced our issue resolution time by 89%,” said Collett.

Real-time device visibility

“After using [NinjaOne’s] software inventory feature, I found 15 devices that were not accounted for,” said Collett. “Now, I can pull an accurate report of all my devices and have complete visibility into what applications are downloaded on each device.”

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