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How Rdata saves 60 hours a month with NinjaOne RMM

With Ulf Ringdahl, Founder/Owner at rdata
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Rdata is a managed service provider based in Skåne, Sweden. The company was founded in 2000 and has over 22 years of experience delivering IT products and services to a customer base that extends all the way to countries like Denmark, Mexico and China. The team at rdata strives to always deliver the best service and to have satisfied customers.


Ängelholm, Sweden


Ulf Ringdahl, Founder/Owner of rdata, is responsible for the company’s service offerings and oversees a team of IT consultants.

The team at rdata

The team consists of 13 people. Of these, 9 are consultants/technicians and the rest are administrative staff. Ulf explains, “The agility of our IT management and automation is extremely important as we work with customers who have a remote workforce distributed across several different countries.”

Previous supplier became complicated and time-consuming

Ulf explains that rdata spent almost 11 years with their previous IT management provider. Initially it was working well, but when the provider started moving all the functionality to a web-based version of the solution, the complexity increased as features became limited and difficult to access. Ulf says, “We ended up with some features only available in the web version and some features only available in the thick client. It became complicated to manage between the two versions and the solution became very tough to work with when you needed to connect more endpoints.”

Many MSPs are afraid to switch systems

Features like patch management and scripting became complicated and difficult. Ulf says: “It could take a long time to get a script to work and patch management was hard to understand and cumbersome.” It required Ulf to fly over to the vendor’s headquarters in the US several times. He also had to send his IT consultants over for training, because using the tool became more and more complex. Ulf claims that many IT service providers are afraid to change systems, but after spending so much time and money on trainings and admin work for the tool itself, it was time to look for a new IT management solution.

“It only took two days and one night to switch to Ninja, our customers didn’t notice a thing”

Switched over 2,000 endpoints in less than three days

When rdata started looking for a new alternative for their IT management, they were looking for a unified all-in-one platform. They were also looking for better speed, easier patch management and more robust scripting. When asked what convinced rdata to choose Ninja over other vendors, Ulf answers, “Primarily, it was the simplicity of Ninja that sold it for us. The features are exactly how I want it. After the free trial period, we were offered a very suitable and flexible pricing quote”. Ulf says: “The onboarding and implementation process for NinjaOne was as smooth and quick as could be. It only took two days and one night to install over 2,000 endpoints, our customers didn’t notice a thing.”

Everything just works with Ninja

When asked about which areas NinjaOne has helped improve, Ulf replies, “The speed, the simplicity, the patch management, the scripting. In Ninjas script library you can easily find ready-made scripts in common scripting languages such as PowerShell for example. You just copy and paste into Ninja and it works every time.” Ulf also says that a big advantage is the accessibility of all the integrations available in Ninja such as BitDefender. “You can easily access these tools through the NinjaOne platform and you don’t have to jump between different portals,” Ulf says. The monitoring and automation features in NinjaOne are also very helpful, Ulf continues, “Before Ninja, a hosting disk could break and this could go unnoticed for a long time. Today, we are notified about these types of situations immediately.”

Ninja is easy to use and easy to teach

Another advantage of Ninja is how easy it is to learn and teach to others. Ulf explains, “When we started with Ninja, I spent about 15 minutes automating our entire patch management and I haven’t had to touch it since.” At rdata there are 5 different technicians using NinjaOne and Ulf is the one who keeps up to date on new product updates and improvements. Ulf says he attends Ninja webinars, reads about updates in the Ninja Dojo and follows NinjaOne’s Roadmap: “I pass on new information and updates to our IT consultants who use Ninja and they understand right away. It takes very little time to teach Ninja”.

“We spend 1/20 of time on admin work today compared to before”

Have more time to meet customers

“Since we switched to Ninja, I have more time to meet with customers and our technicians have more time to spend on projects.” Ulf says that they have also hired 3 new technicians since the switch to NinjaOne and is aware that the team at Ninja is happy to help onboard and train them. But Ulf says that Ninja is so easy to teach that he does it all himself. When Ulf is out visiting customers, he uses the NinjaOne Mobile App: ‘It works really smoothly and I use it to monitor all the activity across our clients’ IT environments. If a server goes down, you can easily go in and restart the virtual machine straight from the NinjaOne mobile app. It only takes 2 minutes and it’s back up and running again.”

By switching to NinjaOne’s unified IT management platform, Ulf Ringdahl and his team at rdata have been able to improve the simplicity as well as the speed of their remote management, monitoring, automation, patch management and scripting. With a less time-consuming IT solution, they now have more time over to meet with customers and focus on projects that drives growth.

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