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Customer Story

How Westcare Clinic Leverages NinjaOne to Cut Costs and Boost Productivity

With Emmy Tran, IT Director
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Founded in 1981 by Dr. Charles N. Buser and Dr. Jerome R. Peterson, Westcare Medical Clinic, now under new management since November 2019, offers over forty years of medical services in Washington. Specializing in occupational medicine, family medicine, urgent care, orthopedics, pain management, spine surgery, and neurology, the clinic welcomes walk-in patients and handles cases related to various accidents and claims.





Westcare Clinic’s remarkable reputation throughout the communities they serve is due to its all-in-one patient resources, a patient-first mentality, and high-quality care. Even with a small team, Westcare Clinic remains a best-inclass medical center.

At the same time, a small team means each employee wears multiple hats. For Emmy Tran, Westcare Clinic’s IT director, responsibilities don’t stop at managing endpoints. Her team develops and manages the company website and markets Westcare Clinic’s brand.

“My team is the web development team, the marketing team and the IT team. Managing endpoints on top of all our responsibilities meant we needed a tool that could take on manual, daily tasks to increase our bandwidth,” said Tran. “The perfect tool had to be HIPPA compliant, easy to use, and cost effective.”

“With NinjaOne automation our new device deployment takes just 15 minutes, and the easy remote access decreased our issue remediation time by 50%,”
Emmy Tran, IT Director


After a quick, two-week implementation to all clinic locations, NinjaOne blew Tran away with its speed and broad feature set. “With NinjaOne automation, our new device deployment takes just 15 minutes as opposed to days, and the quick, easy remote access decreased our issue remediation time by 50%,” said Tran. “We’re a two-person team. We could never do everything we do without NinjaOne.”

By bringing endpoint management in-house, automating daily tasks, and keeping headcount low, NinjaOne reduced Westcare Clinics’ overall costs by 60%. “Not only is NinjaOne more affordable than our previous endpoint management tool, but its capabilities allow us to dedicate 30% of our day to non-IT projects, which eliminates the need for additional hires across the organization,” said Tran. “That’s a huge cost savings.”

The SentinelOne integration with NinjaOne is the cherry on top for Tran. “Having two products in one is so convenient. I can manage everything from a single dashboard,” said Tran. “I can also count on the NinjaOne customer support team to be knowledgeable and helpful with both NinjaOne and SentinelOne, which is a huge time saver for my team.”

Tran concluded, “NinjaOne is an incredible product that makes an incredible impact. I’m excited to continue implementing features, enhancements and products they release.”

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