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Developing expertise with NinjaOne is good for your business and career.

Endpoint management is a core function IT teams deliver to their businesses. NinjaOne is one of the fastest growing endpoint management solutions globally. Developing expertise with NinjaOne is not only good for your business, but also your career.

Get in-depth technical training on the full product range of NinjaOne

  • A password construction, usage, 
and complexity policy
  • Restricted access to source code
  • Restricted access to production services and environments
  • Enforced multi-factor authentication
  • Restricted access to cloud environments
  • NinjaOne encrypts production data at rest
  • NinjaOne encrypts production data in transit
  • NinjaOne deploys systems to log, monitor, audit, and alert in realtime on the network activity of production services and environments
  • NinjaOne scans production environment systems and production applications for vulnerabilities once every week
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Translated into 12 languages, NinjaOne is trusted by 17K+ customers worldwide.

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7 Million+ endpoints managed through NinjaOne!

NinjaOne consistently ranked #1 across multiple categories on independent review platforms.

Master Everything with NinjaOne

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Who can attend?

Any current customer who wants to be proficient in NinjaOne can get certified.

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What is in it for you?

Expand your technical knowledge, master NinjaOne, and highlight your achievement with a certification and badge to share on social media.

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How does it work?

You’ll have access to the complete NinjaOne learning platform, where you can learn about all things NinjaOne in short modules, designed to fit even the busiest schedules!

Benefits for technicians

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Get certified:

Earn a certification with a badge to boost your IT career that you can share on your professional networks.

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Stand out to employers:

Prove your skills in IT administration using NinjaOne.

Icon improve efficient

Improve productivity:

Increase productivity by learning standard best practices to get the most out of NinjaOne’s automation capabilities.

Become an Expert:

Deepen your IT knowledge using NinjaOne’s leading IT management platform and become a subject matter expert.

Benefits for managers

Icon consistency

More consistency:

Make sure that all technicians in your team are on the same page by motivating them to pass the NinjaOne Academy.

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Level up team skills:

Improve the technical knowledge in your team and leverage efficiency gains to take on more strategic projects.
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Team efficiency:

Improve team efficiency and collaboration with standardized training.
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Employee satisfaction:

Make your team members feel valued by leveling up their skillset and providing structured, high-quality technical training.

Customer Testimonial

“TeamLogic IT is dedicated to having the most trained and certified workforce in our industry. We collaborated with NinjaOne to develop a certification program that would ensure best practice guidelines for our network. Organizations like ours run on endpoints, and IT teams must ensure those endpoints are functional and secure at all times. Earning NinjaOne Academy’s certification is part of our brand standard and required for all locations. Now, our entire team has both the tools and skills they need to gain visibility and control across all endpoints and automate endpoint management at scale.”

Gary Tousseau

Gary Tousseau
Assistant Vice President of Technology and Managed Services at TeamLogic IT, Inc.

What you’ll learn

Introduction and Get Started

Get started by learning everything about the initial configuration of the platform including creating users, organizations, branding, and health status.

IT Asset Management

Learn how to navigate device asset information and software inventory. Create lists of devices and save them in groups. Generate your first reports.

Device Roles

Understand device roles, device role hierarchy and the assignment of device roles.


Build your first device policies. Assign policies and learn how you can use policy inheritance and policy overrides to your benefit.

Device Monitor Installation

Learn how to deploy the different agent types for computers, servers, network devices and virtual environments based on Hyper-V and VMware. Get ready to deploy cloud monitors as well.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Deepen your knowledge about policies and the configuration of conditions, automations and custom fields. Learn about managed antivirus and security configurations.

Software Installation and Patching

Find your way around the software library and learn how to build packages and automate software deployment.

OS Patch Management

Master the whole OS patching cycle from policy creation to scanning, deployment and monitoring.

Remote Access Control

Learn about the different remote access tools at your disposal and understand what works best for you.

NinjaOne Backup

Learn how to configure, manage and monitor NinjaOne Backup.

NinjaOne Ticketing

Set up and configure NinjaOne ticketing. Learn about user management, ticketing management and dashboards.


Enable NinjaOne Documention. Set user permissions correctly and learn everything about document templates, checklists and the knowledge base.

Get Started with NinjaOne Academy

Contact us to learn more about eligibility for and full enrollment in NinjaOne Academy.


The program is targeted to both new and experienced NinjaOne Technicians looking to learn new skills and validate their expertise. Currently the Academy is available only for NinjaOne customers.

The program is free of charge.

Sign in to the NinjaOne web app and navigate to system Help (?) > NinjaOne Academy. If the academy is not listed, contact your NinjaOne account executive to grant academy access.

Yes, you must complete all training courses and pass the final exam.

Yes. When you return, the academy allows you to restart exactly where you left off.

No, but you must complete all performance and evaluation activities within a course before you can proceed to the next one.

For activities and the final exam, you may use the following resources:

  • NinjaOne Certification Training Course Content
  • NinjaOne Dojo Community, Documentation, or Video Library
  • NinjaOne web app

You must score 80% or higher.

After you complete the final exam, a message box appears with your final score and instructions to proceed. You also receive a confirmation email. Depending on your exam results, the email contains instructions either to manage your certificate or to retake the exam.

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