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Deploy, patch, uninstall, and monitor applications at scale (and so much more) without the need for on-premises infrastructure, VPN, or domain.
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Deploy, patch, and manage software
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Discover, inventory, and manage all IT assets
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Execute complex automations remotely
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Automate device monitoring and alerting
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Support users with 1-click remote access
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Secure and protect critical business data

NinjaOne is the clear choice

PDQ Deploy & Inventory

Requires on-premises server(s) and network Checkmark
100% Cloud-Based Checkmark
Off-network management without VPN Checkmark
Workflows Supported
Windows Checkmark Checkmark
Mac Checkmark Checkmark
(Requires MDM)
Linux Checkmark
SNMP Devices Checkmark
Virtual Machines Checkmark
Key Features
Software deployment, patching, and management Checkmark Checkmark
Remote script deployment Checkmark Checkmark
Hardware / software inventory Checkmark Checkmark
Automated asset discovery Checkmark Checkmark
Device monitoring Checkmark
Device status alerting, notifications, and ticket creation Checkmark
Remote terminal, task manager, registry editor, etc. Checkmark
One-click remote access Checkmark
Backup and disaster recovery Checkmark
IT ticketing Checkmark
IT documentation tool Checkmark
Cross-platform complex automation engine Checkmark

quoteSimple and powerful

Managing computers and applications is simple with Ninja. NinjaOne has helped us with patch management, third-party application management, remote support, troubleshooting and alerting.

quoteImproving Cyber Security

NinjaOne’s remote tools have been vital. The ability to deploy scripts and silent install applications have also been very useful. Third party application patching has been a great success.

Why Ninja?

Installing and managing software is a key task for any IT team – regardless of size. Keeping track of which endpoints have which software on which version can quickly get out of hand. Ninja gives you full visibility into your software ecosystem and tools to manage it effectively.

Network- and domain-agnostic management

NinjaOne lets you inventory, monitor, and manage software on any internet-connected endpoint. You won’t need to rely on end-users to be on the company network or domain-joined to install, remove, or patch vulnerable applications.

Automate deployment

NinjaOne leverages a policy system that enables you to automate tailored application deployment profiles at scale across managed environments and user roles, so endpoints can be setup and deployed to end-users 100% automatically.

Manage at Scale

Every application management action in Ninja can be done ad-hoc on individual devices, automated based on system condition, or en-masse, helping you save time and improve technician efficiency.

Key Features

Manage all your endpoints with one tool

Ninja is a true single-pane endpoint management solution, enabling you to monitor and manage your Windows, MacOS, and Linux servers, workstations, and laptops as well as virtual machines, cloud infrastructure, and networking devices in a single centralized console.

The ease of access to all information in a single pane of glass is phenomenal and key to efficiency and operational success!

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OS and third-party application patch management

Ninja helps you save time and reduce vulnerabilities by automating your Windows, Mac, and Linux OS patching. Ninja also patches over 100 third party Windows applications to ensure your endpoints are secure and users have the most up-to-date functionality.

Our primary purpose for it was for patch management which was a breeze to configure and is working far better than SCCM, which we're transitioning away from.

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Fast, secure remote access

Quickly, easily, and securely take control of endpoints using one of Ninja’s fully integrated, one click remote access tools. Perform maintenance, verify issues, and provide quick support using TeamViewer, Splashtop, RDP, or Connectwise Control with lightning-fast connection speeds.

We love the ability to provide comprehensive and instant support from a single pane of access - chiefly supported by useful integrations like Teamviewer and Splashtop.

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Powerful, easy to use automation

The primary benefit of an endpoint management platform is efficiency. Ninja makes it easy to automate many IT tasks so your technicians can focus on more complex and value-adding tasks. Ninja enables automation in standard scripting languages like Powershell, ShellScript, Batch, and more.

Hands-off automation has been a great time saver for our business. Ninja is the right choice.

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Silent remote management tools

Remote control is a powerful tool, but is often inefficient for small changes as it interrupts the end-user and requires a scheduled window for remediation. Ninja provides a suite of remote tools that operate entirely in the background so you can remediate issues and update configurations without interrupting end users.

I use Ninja every day. Being able to jump into Ninja and fix something without logging onto a user's desktop is priceless. The remote file explorer , command line and other tools make my job much easier.

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Automated software management

Deploy and manage software via ad-hoc deployments or automated installation at scale. Deploy Windows third party application patches across all your endpoints, alert on blacklist application installations, and remove applications with ease to improve endpoint security.

Being able to remotely remove and/or install software without taking remote control of the PC is completely transparent to the end user - the way it should be.

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