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Automate time-consuming, multi-step tasks and software installations with NinjaOne’s build-once, use-anywhere IT automation capabilities to save time and improve efficiency.

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Powerful IT automation tool for your most time-consuming tasks

NinjaOne enables you to run automations behind the scenes on-demand, on-schedule, or in response to performance thresholds and state changes, ensuring automations run only when they are necessary and convenient. Our policy management engine provides the ability to flexibly roll out changes across organizations, sites, dynamic groups, and individual endpoints. NinjaOne’s IT automation platform enables automation for:

  • OS and third party patch management
  • Antivirus management
  • Backup management
  • Remote control
  • Drive encryption
  • Custom scripts
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IT Manager’s Guide to Adopting an Automation Mindset

Creating a culture of automation

Dynamic Script Forms Make Customizing Scripts Easy

With Dynamic Script Forms, you can fully customize any script by abstracting variables and parameters into an accompanying form. This means that technicians can customize the script’s behavior without having to change the script’s code. To use Dynamic Script Forms, technicians simply input the desired values into the form at run time. Dynamic Script Forms live with the script, so they can be used by anyone, even those with no scripting experience.
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“Ninja helped us bring automation to IT Ops. NinjaOne has helped us bring automation to our team and cut back on the man hours of patching our devices. We are able to bring more automation with the script library to solve our recurring issues.”

Chris Hesler,
Crossroads Church

“Second to none. Hands-off automation has been a great time 
saver for our business. Integrated scripts have been very helpful. If you’re looking for a complete RMM that’s intuitive, flexible and has a stellar support system / team behind it, Ninja is the right choice for you.”

Tyler Furukado,
P2P Comuter Solutions

Create Reusable Custom 
Software Packages

NinjaOne’s Software Package Repository lets you create custom software installation packages that bundle all the elements needed to execute even very complex software installations on one or hundreds of endpoints.

You can use the Installation Form to specify the software to be installed, add helper files like keys or configuration files, and indicate scripts that should be run pre or post-installation. You can also define whether the installation should be run by the user or system.

Once you’ve created a software installation package, you can name it and save it in the Automation Library. This will make it easy to reuse the package for future software installations.

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Ultimate IT Automation Flexibility

NinjaOne lets you run automations in a variety of ways, whether using scripts, Installation Packages, or both. You can run them as scheduled tasks, ad hoc on one or more endpoints, as part of a policy or in response to a condition being triggered. This gives you total control and flexibility over how you automate repetitive or complex tasks to win back time and help standardize operations.
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Software Package Repository enables technicians to bundle all the elements needed to execute even complex software installation workflows into reusable packages that can be selected from the Automation Library and run on one or many endpoints whenever needed.

Ninja supports custom scripts in multiple languages (Powershell, Batch, Javascript, ShellScript, and VBScript) allowing you to automate almost any task across Windows and Mac operating systems. Custom parameters allow you the flexibility to create scripts once and run them using variable inputs based on your need. Every action that takes place in NinjaOne is tracked and logged to provide a reliable record for compliance purposes.

With Dynamic Script Forms you can easily customize scripts to meet your needs without touching the original script code – a great way for less experienced technicians to execute automation workflows.

With Dynamic Script Forms you can easily customize scripts to meet your needs without touching the original script code – a great way for less experienced technicians to execute automation workflows.

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