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NinjaOne + HaloPSA Integration

With the NinjaOne + HaloPSA integration, MSPs get the leading RMM and PSA combo to drive efficient service delivery and profitable business management.
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Combining two powerfully simple endpoint and business management solutions

Endpoint Management

Patch Management

Data Protection

Service Desk

Billing Management

Business Management

Get automated, context-rich ticket generation, closed-loop alerting, and better billing with the NinjaOne + HaloPSA integration

Device & Organization Mapping. 

Customer-related issues are generally handled in HaloPSA and device-related issues are handled within NinjaOne. The first step is then to map all client devices, their software, and their associated organizations and locations between the two tools. Mapping and synching is done within HaloPSA with asset matching fields used to ensure there are no duplications.

Scheduled Data Imports.

The HaloPSA Integrator is used to schedule when and how frequently data flows between the solutions, usually determined by how often the data may change — organizations and locations may be imported daily while device alerts will be imported immediately using NinjaOne webhooks

Ticket Resolution Notifications. 

When alerts are imported, they automatically generate a HaloPSA ticket, configured by alert type, device type, and organization in which the affected device resides. The ticket is assigned using the rules defined within HalosPSA. Once the ticket is resolved, its status syncs back to the NinjaOne and appears in the device activity list.  Documentation on the integration can be found in the HaloPSA product site and is linked to from the NinjaOne Dojo

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NinjaOne + HaloPSA Integration Advantages

Intuitive and Easy to Use
NinjaOne RMM and HaloPSA are both highly rated by customers on G2 as being both “Easiest to Use” and “Most Implementable”. Fast to onboard and simple to learn, your time to value is a fraction of that for traditional RMM or PSA solutions.
Although simple to learn, both NinjaOne and HaloPSA are highly customizable to fit your unique business needs. NinjaOne uses hierarchical policy setting to meet individual client needs and enables automated response and remediation actions incorporating pre-built scripts for hands-free device management. HaloPSA lets you create templates for tickets, service offerings, contracts and more for a highly tailored solution.
Cloud-native architecture ensures that both NinjaOne and HaloPSA are fast and responsive, agnostic to an endpoint’s location. And both work equally well with Windows, Mac, or Linux endpoints.
With the combination of NinjaOne and HaloPSA, you have everything you need to run your MSP whether you’re managing 100 or 100,000 endpoints or 10 or 1,000 customers.

Both NinjaOne and HaloPSA are designed to be intuitive, highly configurable, and catalysts for operational efficiency, 
so it’s not surprising that hundreds of MSPs have chosen both solutions to run their managed service operations. 
Averaging ratings of 4.8 out of 5 stars on G2, both companies maintain strong leadership positions quarter over quarter.

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“NinjaRMM is the best software that
I didn’t know I needed.”

-Dan Reynolds, Director of IT, Mid-Market

“We couldn’t run our business without Halo.”

-Mark Lonnen, Small Business

“I really enjoy working with a vendor that
feels like an extension of my team.”

– Darrell King, Mid-Market

“The application is completely customizable allowing
you to adapt it to suit your requirements.”

-Joel Becker, Small Business

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