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The better way to document IT

NinjaOne simplifies IT documentation, making it easy for MSPs and IT teams to keep documentation up-to-date and quickly access critical information in their support and maintenance workflows.
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Why Ninja?

The true single pane experience

NinjaOne is a seamlessly unified IT management platform, providing everything you need to manage IT in a single pane of glass. In Ninja everything your technicians’ need is available exactly where and when needed so they can get more done.

Faster time-to-value

Ninja makes it easy to document anything and everything – from passwords and processes to checklists and relationships. With best practices templates, flexible document builders, relationship mapping, and more, you get everything you need to document your managed environments.

Secure management

Wikis, Word, and wishes are no way to protect sensitive credentials. Ninja encrypts all secure fields and requires reauthentication for access to credentials and sensitive information. Granular role-based access control ensure only the right people have access to sensitive data.

NinjaOne is the clear choice

IT Glue

Documentation Use Cases
IT Asset Tracking Checkmark Checkmark
Secure Password Management Checkmark Checkmark
Checklists Checkmark Checkmark
Knowledge Base & SOPs Checkmark Checkmark
Domain & SSL Tracking Checkmark Checkmark
Relationship Mapping Checkmark Checkmark
Documentation Automation Checkmark Checkmark
User Experience
Collaborative Documentation Checkmark Checkmark
Workflows Checkmark Checkmark
Search Checkmark Checkmark
Completion Profile Checkmark Checkmark
Template Library Checkmark Checkmark
Security and Administration
Audit Trail & Version Control Checkmark Checkmark
Document Export Checkmark Checkmark
Revision Management Checkmark Checkmark
Access Control Checkmark Checkmark
Single Sign On Checkmark Checkmark
IP Access Control Checkmark Checkmark

quoteAmazing Product, Easy to use, All-In-One Dashboard.

Keeping on top of all of our client's infrastructure is made so easy with NinjaOne. Everything is integrated into a single pane: Asset Tracking, Antivirus, Backups, Updates, Patches, Documentation,'s all there!

quoteThe foundation of our operations

The ease of access to all information in a single pane of glass is phenomenal and key to efficiency and operational success!

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The Unified IT Operations Platform

NinjaOne simplifies IT operations, enabling overburdened IT teams to efficiently manage their entire IT portfolio and support end users from anywhere.

Ninja’s remote access tools give you secure one-click access to your managed endpoints for fast and effective remote support.

By combining remote control with remote monitoring and management, documentation, and ticketing, NinjaOne unifies your support workflow and makes your helpdesk more efficient.

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