NinjaOne vs. GoTo Resolve: Why your peers choose NinjaOne over GoTo Resolve

Powerful and intuitive remote monitoring and management

Best-in-Class Support

NinjaOne has been recognized as #1 in support year-after-year by our partners on G2. With free and unlimited onboarding, training, and support, we are your partner in success.

Fast, Intuitive UI

NinjaOne makes your technicians more efficient with an intuitive, modern interface that puts all your decisions in one place and cuts out extra clicks. New technicians can learn NinjaOne in a matter of hours, not weeks.

Easy and effective automation

NinjaOne enables our partners to automate almost anything using scripting languages you already know including Powershell, ShellScript, Batch, and more – no need to learn a proprietary scripting language that locks you in.

NinjaOne vs. GoTo Resolve Reviews

GoTo Resolve
Overall Rating  4.8 out of 5 (1,108)  4.4 out of 5 (N/A)
Meets Requirements
Responses: 989
Responses: 108
Ease of Use
Responses: 997
Responses: 343
Ease of Setup
Responses: 881
Responses: 344
Ease of Admin
Responses: 895
Responses: 175
Quality of Support
Responses: 958
Responses: 295
Ease of Doing Business With
Responses: 878
Responses: 159
Product Direction (% positive)
Responses: 983
Responses: 334
Based on G2 Spring 2024

GoTo Resolve


GoTo Resolve is a remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform designed primarily for small—to medium-sized organizations focusing on IT support and customer service. This platform consolidates remote management, help desk, and remote access functionalities to streamline IT operations.

Use Cases

  • Remote support:
    Technicians can remotely access devices to remediate any issues. A command prompt feature makes it possible to troubleshoot remote devices without initiating remote control.
  • Remote management:
    Remote monitoring capabilities allow technicians to monitor the health of an organization and any changes made to its software and hardware.
  • Scripting automation:
    GoTo offers out-of-the-box scripting to automate repeatable tasks, such as deploying and updating software or pushing and executing files.


  • Slow performance:
    Users have complained about slow performance and file transfer delays.
  • Unstable remote connection:
    GoTo’s connectivity may face issues when the workstations have multiple monitors.
  • Re-establishing remote connection:
    Reviewers mention that reconnecting to previously controlled devices can sometimes be challenging, requiring them to clear old connection data before re-establishing a new remote connection.


Why your peers choose us over GoTo Resolve

GoTo Resolve is an IT management tool similar to NinjaOne but mainly focuses on remote monitoring and support, which can be helpful for technicians who prioritize those functionalities. However, it may also make some IT professionals seek a more comprehensive IT management suite with features beyond remote support. 

NinjaOne is the better choice for  IT professionals and MSPs for its comprehensive IT feature sets. The platform aims to consolidate essential IT functionalities into a centralized console, ensuring a “single pane of glass” approach and overall visibility over managed endpoints. NinjaOne has key capabilities that matter most to IT experts, such as backup and restore, automation, ticketing, and more. It also boasts a robust remote monitoring and management (RMM) that ranks #1 on G2, along with other essential IT features like endpoint management and patch management.

NinjaOne is Trusted by Over 17,000 MSPs & IT Pros Across the Globe

G2 Crowd 5 sars
GetApp 5 stars
Capterra 5 stars
Software Advice 5 Stars
G2 Best Usability - Summer 2024
GetApp Category Leaders 2024
Capterra Shortlist 2024
Software Advice Best Customer Support 2022 badge

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

The best thing about our switch to NinjaOne from our previous RMM product is how it boils down the essence of the RMM platform. All the features you want are front and center with very easy configuration methods without other features and settings getting in your way.

Chris Saas, Owner, OWC Pro IT Services

NinjaOne is incredibly easy to use, combining a fluid interface with powerful back-end features. There’s no complicated setup, or difficult to manage interface. All options and tools are clearly labeled, easy to understand, and the interface is… easy to navigate.

Ryan Reiffenberger, Reiffenberger.NET Technology Solutions

Deliver Remarkable IT Services

Get insights icon

Get insights at-a-glance

See the status of all your endpoints and know what needs immediate attention across all your end-users with a single-pane-of-glass view.
Enduser support icon

Improve end-user support

Keep end-users happy and ticket volumes low by identifying and remediating issues before end users report them.
Do more icon

Do more with less

Easy-to-use remediation tools and powerful automation allows your staff to spend less time on day-to-day remediation while achieving better results.
Fast icon

Complete tasks faster

Unlike legacy, on-premise solutions, NinjaOne is cloud native. Everything in NinjaOne can be done in fewer clicks with a quick, responsive UI so you can complete tasks faster

Growth icon

Focus on growth

Less time managing unhappy end-users means you can spend more time on strategic initiatives that help your business grow.

Strong 3rd Party Integrations for a Single-Pane-of-Glass Experience

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NinjaOne vs. GoTo Resolve FAQs

As mentioned, most of GoTo Resolve’s shortcomings are related to the platform’s stability. Performance speed and connection issues can result in a range of problems, from slow loading times to frequent disconnections. These may cause workflow disruptions.

Meanwhile, NinjaOne is built with reliability, ensuring that the mentioned issues are prevented or at least don’t go unnoticed. This makes NinjaOne an ideal choice for MSPs and IT administrators looking for a Comprehensive Endpoint Manager that is stable and reliable.

GoTo Resolve lacks real-time monitoring functionalities, which may affect proactive IT management and preventative maintenance. In contrast, NinjaOne features real-time monitoring functionalities for your endpoints, ensuring a proactive approach to issue detection and troubleshooting.

Yes. GoTo Resolve offers 24/7 support from its Global Customer Support team. However, since GoTo Resolve caters mainly to small—to medium-sized organizations, it might need help handling large-scale enterprises. Meanwhile, NinjaOne caters to businesses of all sizes, making its 24/7 tech support with live representatives deliver exceptional service to any client regardless of company size.

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