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Product Summary

Action1 is a cloud-based management system for internal IT departments and managed service providers. The platform features a typical monitoring and management tool, but the solution mostly highlights its patch management capabilities.

Use Cases

  • Patch management:
    Action1 poised its patch management capabilities as its cornerstone feature, allowing continuous patch compliance for servers and workstations.
  • Vulnerability discovery:
    The management and monitoring tool provides real-time vulnerability discovery, reducing ransomware risks for the IT infrastructure.
  • Easy deployment:
    Technicians can quickly deploy applications and software to their endpoints.


  • Software compatibility:
    The Action1 agent is strictly Windows. The core platform requires a Windows machine (Windows 7 or later) to function.
  • Navigation:
    More advanced features are buried within the platform, making it hard for technicians to locate them.
  • Reporting:
    Action1’s reporting section could be improved since there’s currently no way to pull a report per device of all the software installed.

IBM Security MaaS360

Product Summary

IBM Security MaaS360 is a unified endpoint management system designed to streamline and secure the management of diverse endpoints within an enterprise. This solution centralizes the monitoring and management of Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and IoT endpoint devices. MaaS360 provides visibility of devices’ health and compliance status to maintain security policies and operational efficiency.

Use Cases

  • Mobile device management (MDM):
    MaaS360 enables IT professionals to manage, secure, and monitor mobile devices across various OSs with remote wiping and application deployment features.
  • IT automation:
    Users can utilize MaaS360’s automation to customize policies that automate routine tasks such as device configuration and update rollout.
  • Patch management:
    MaaS360 can detect when devices are missing critical patches and allow users to push out those missing updates to all devices or to a single device.


  • Pricing:
    MaaS360 reviews on G2 have found the platform more expensive than other UEM solutions, which can be prohibitive for startups and small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Complex interface and set-up:
    Users have complained about the difficulty of setting up and managing MaaS360. This solution requires additional training and support so technicians can fully leverage all its capabilities.
  • Customer support:
    Reviewers have complained that MaaS360’s technical support needs more training and that customer support takes a while to respond.


Why your peers choose us over Action1 and IBM Security MaaS360

NinjaOne sets itself apart with its exceptional customer reviews, usability and comprehensive integration options, positioning it ahead of its competitors. The platform’s interface is expertly crafted for both quick adoption and ease of use, vital for dynamic IT environments. This focus on user experience doesn’t compromise its robust feature set, which is designed to boost operational efficiency, an area where many competitors struggle.

In terms of integration, NinjaOne shines by offering extensive compatibility with a wide array of third-party applications, an area where other RMM solutions often have limitations. This makes it a more adaptable choice for varied IT ecosystems. Furthermore, NinjaOne’s scalability and performance consistency, even in large network scenarios, mark it as a superior option. Enhanced by advanced, customizable reporting tools, NinjaOne emerges as a leading choice for IT professionals seeking a dependable, efficientRMM platform.

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