Viewing System Details Reports

Viewing System details reports are documents that provide details about each of the devices within a specific IT environment. In the inventory report document, we explain how to generate an overview report that lists hardware devices. This document explains how to generate a detailed report with many fields that helps us make informed decisions about our IT environment.

How can I generate a detailed hardware Inventory report in NinjaOne?

NinjaOne offers a predefined report section called Devices Details, this section provides the next details:

  • Device name
  • Vendor/Model
  • Serial Number
  • OS
  • Install date
  • Processors
  • Memory
  • Disk drives sizes/Status/Type
  • IP address/DNS/Gateway
  • Domain
  • BIOS version
  • BIOS release date
  • Last login
  • Last boot time
  • Uptime

This report section is only available when the report is created per organization, it´s not for global reporting.

To create this report, follow the next steps:

  1. On the left side of the main screen of the NinjaOne application, select Reporting.
  2. Click Create. A drop-down menu appears, select Summary Report. A Dialog box appears.
  3. Fill out the report name and description. On target type, select Organization. On Create from template, select Blank. Then click Create. The Create report screen appears with the title and description filled out.
  4. On Group, select No Group, or if you want to narrow your report, select your preferred group.
  5. Click Customize. The Sections dialog box appears.
  6. Choose Devices Details, under Asset Summary, then click add.
  7. Click Apply. Click Save on the top right corner. Your report is ready.
  8. Click Close and your report will be visible.

Can I add more fields to my report?

Yes,  you can add more fields, but new report sections need to be added. No more columns can be added to the Devices details section.

What are the benefits of using NinjaOne for generating System Details Reports?

NinjaOne allows the creation of highly customized hardware inventory views using filters and device grouping. The process of generating reports is straightforward and user-friendly.


Inventory detail report is a document that shows a group of hardware devices that meet some criteria. The report includes many details like Device name, Vendor, Model, serial number, OS, processors, memory, etc.

To check your inventory in NinjaOne, click Devices on the left side of the main screen of the NinjaOne application. If necessary, apply filters to meet some criteria and optionally, save the resulting list to a device group.

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