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N-able N-central vs Naverisk

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N-able N-central


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N-able N-central

Product Summary

N-central is an IT management solution by N-able that allows organizations to manage, monitor, and secure their endpoints. N-central provides RMM, patch management, data backup, and IT automation features that enable IT professionals to streamline processes and gain control over their entire IT infrastructures. From the N-central platform, users can integrate their PSA solutions in order to manage both their businesses and IT environments.

Use Cases

  • RMM:
    With RMM, IT teams can monitor, manage, and secure their remote or on-premise IT infrastructures.
  • Patch management:
    N-central patch management helps IT teams secure and update their endpoint devices.
  • IT automation:
    Using IT automation features, MSPs and IT professionals can automate tasks to streamline workflows.
  • Remote access:
    With remote access, IT teams can provide IT support for all devices regardless of their locations.


  • Complex UI:
    N-central users find the user interface unnecessarily complex, and new users experience a steep learning curve.
  • Unusual reporting:
    Device reporting is not real-time, and users are not able to acquire all the information they need from the reports.
  • Customer support issues:
    Customer support points users to pre-made guides and issues canned responses rather than working with the users to solve their technical issues.
  • IT automation challenges:
    IT automation setup on the platform is challenging and time-consuming.


Product Summary

Naverisk is an IT services platform that consolidates remote monitoring and management (RMM), professional services automation (PSA), and service desk tools into one solution. With Naverisk, technicians can easily manage and monitor the entire IT environment. Tools such as patch management, alerts, and automation ensure that endpoints remain up-to-date, and efficient.

Use Cases

  • Remote monitoring:
    Naverisk monitors devices and servers in real time, allowing technicians to diagnose and remediate problems early.
  • Endpoint management:
    Naverisk allows users to manage devices from a single console, keeping them updated and secure. With integrations, technicians can access remote devices.
  • Automation:
    Technicians can code policies to automate routine IT tasks and workflows with open-source scripting.


  • Search feature issues:
    Users have reported that the search function does not work well, making navigating the platform difficult.
  • Outdated interface:
    Naverisk’s GUI has been described as lacking. Others are asking for more GUI customization to address this.
  • Support for non-Windows OS is lacking:
    Mac and Linux devices do not function well with this solution.


Why your peers choose us over N-able N-central and Naverisk

NinjaOne sets itself apart with its exceptional customer reviews, usability and comprehensive integration options, positioning it ahead of its competitors. The platform’s interface is expertly crafted for both quick adoption and ease of use, vital for dynamic IT environments. This focus on user experience doesn’t compromise its robust feature set, which is designed to boost operational efficiency, an area where many competitors struggle.

In terms of integration, NinjaOne shines by offering extensive compatibility with a wide array of third-party applications, an area where other RMM solutions often have limitations. This makes it a more adaptable choice for varied IT ecosystems. Furthermore, NinjaOne’s scalability and performance consistency, even in large network scenarios, mark it as a superior option. Enhanced by advanced, customizable reporting tools, NinjaOne emerges as a leading choice for IT professionals seeking a dependable, efficientRMM platform.

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