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Best BigFix Alternatives

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Operating with the principle of “FIND more. FIX more. DO more,” BigFix endpoint management helps IT enterprises maintain their competitive advantage through a highly scalable infrastructure. But is its solution the right fit for your specific needs? It’s worth noting that no two endpoint management solutions are the same. While most software vendors offer the same core functionalities, they differ in reliability, automation capabilities, and even speed.

You may be on the lookout for HCL BigFix alternatives and wondering what unique features you need when choosing the right endpoint management software solution for your IT enterprise. While “shopping around,” it’s a good idea to list down everything you want your endpoint management software to do and how those match with your proposed IT budget. This will help you make a more balanced and informed decision.

This guide exists to make the decision-making process even easier. We’ve done all the research, compiled data from relevant review sites, and listed all the pros and cons of the top alternatives in the market today!

1. NinjaOne

NinjaOne is the world’s most intuitive endpoint management software solution that allows you to monitor, support, and control all your client’s Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoint devices, virtual machines, and networking devices in a single pane of glass. Built for scaling and powered by innovation, NinjaOne’s platform is meant to be used by IT enterprises of all sizes across all industries – remaining fast and robust from the start, whether you’re managing 50 or 50,000 endpoints.

5 reasons to choose NinjaOne over HCL BigFix

1. Integrations

As the leading BigFix alternative, NinjaOne offers multiple integrations with well-known business applications so that you have all the tools you need to immediately get optimized. With a wide range of options, from remote access to SSO to professional services automation, you work with a truly integrated platform that allows you to perform at your best. These integrations are likewise easy to deploy and configure from your Ninja platform.

2. User-friendly

NinjaOne is the #1 endpoint management software and with good reason. Its solution is built by a professional team that has over a century of combined experience in IT management. Part of their commitment is creating a solution that is powerful and intuitive to use. Compared to BigFix endpoint management, NinjaOne’s centralized dashboard can be used by anyone, regardless of technical skill or expertise.

3. Simple onboarding

As a 100% cloud-based platform, NinjaOne is quick to set up, requires minimal ongoing maintenance, and boasts one of the industry’s simplest onboarding processes. Designed for today’s IT teams, NinjaOne can be used right away, resulting in fast time-to-value and low total cost of ownership. This is one of the many reasons why leading IT teams choose NinjaOne for all their endpoint management needs.

4. Cross-platform features and functionalities

BigFix Endpoint Manager is more suitable for Windows devices, with some users on G2 reporting feature limitations for macOS and other OS devices. NinjaOne, on the other hand, offers fully functional software that can be used across multiple platforms. Not only does this imply reduced cost on your part, but also helps you reach a broader audience.

5. Customer support

NinjaOne has a healthy obsession with customer success. Aside from providing free and unlimited training, onboarding, and support for every customer, NinjaOne’s hands-on team is committed to becoming your partner in growth. This attentiveness to your experience has contributed to Ninja being consistently rated as the #1 in customer support.

Strengths of NinjaOne

  • Patch management. Ninjaone’s patch management software helps you identify, evaluate, and deploy patches to any device from anywhere in the world. Requiring no VPN or infrastructure, NinjaOne automates almost every step of the patching process so that your IT technicians spend 90% less time patching.
  • Reporting. NinjaOne’s IT reporting tool allows you to generate the reports you need in the format you want. Because its solution offers 360-visibility of your entire IT ecosystem, NinjaOne helps streamline report generation through automation.
  • Ticketing. Like all Ninja products, its IT ticketing solution leverages automation to free your IT technicians to focus on other, high-level tasks. NinjaOne automatically populates critical information into tickets and allows your IT technicians to perform essential functions, such as remote access and app installation, directly from the ticket.
  • Endpoint task automation. NinjaOne helps you automate the most time-consuming, repetitive tasks with its build-once, use-anywhere capabilities. Additionally, all automation policies are deployed behind the scenes on-demand or in response to any performance threshold and state changes.
  • Script deployment. NinjaOne allows you to deploy scripts remotely and automatically to your endpoint devices, at scale. Users can run scripts in response to performance thresholds and other customizable conditions.

Customer story

Sindre Winsvold, Virtualization & Operations Manager at Nordlo Vennesla, has one goal in mind: To simplify his customer’s everyday IT operations. After researching the available software solutions in the market today, he felt that NinjaOne had the most powerful and flexible endpoint management tool for his specific needs.

“The remote access is faster, all integrations work better and software deployment is easier,” Sindre said. “User management works so well with Ninja both for customer technicians and third-party end-users. It’s easy to set up, it’s easy to use. We used to get a lot of MFA questions before, now we simply show them an instruction picture of how to use it and it works so much better.”

Read more NinjaOne customer stories.

Pricing information

NinjaOne’s IT management software has no forced commitments and no hidden fees. You can request a free quote, schedule a 14-day free trial, or watch a demo.


NinjaOne G2 Reviews 

  • 1,089 reviews (at the time of writing)
  • 4.8 / 5 stars

NinjaOne Capterra Reviews 

  • 203 reviews (at the time of writing)
  • 4.8 / 5 stars

2. ManageEngine

ManageEngine offers enterprise-grade software solutions that help IT teams efficiently monitor, manage, and secure their IT infrastructure. Endpoint Central is its endpoint management tool that works for Windows, Linux, and macOS devices.

Use cases

SMBs use ManageEngine Endpoint Central for its patch management and remote troubleshooting from a single console.


  • Unified management. ManageEngine gives you complete end-to-end visibility into your IT infrastructure from one dashboard.
  • Automated patching. Endpoint Central helps secure your network through its automated patching capabilities.
  • IT asset management. ManageEngine helps you monitor your software usage and notifies you of any hardware changes.


  • Not built to scale. Endpoint Central can consume a large number of resources depending on the device being managed.
  • Rigid reporting. Some users on G2 have stated that ManageEngine’s reporting is not as flexible as expected.
  • Limited integrations. Endpoint Central could improve on its third-party integrations.

See how ManageEngine compares to NinjaOne, learn more about ManageEngine vs. BigFix, or read a more in-depth review of ManageEngine alternatives.

3. InTune

InTune is Microsoft’s endpoint management solution that markets itself as a market-leading “command center” for more efficient IT operations. InTune Endpoint Manager is a cloud-based solution that helps IT enterprises manage and secure their IT infrastructure.

Use cases

Microsoft InTune is more commonly used by small to medium-sized businesses that manage mostly Windows devices. These companies also use InTune for its centralized device management and remote work support.


  • Centralized management. Microsoft InTune allows you to support a variety of devices all from a single dashboard.
  • Windows integrations. As a Microsoft product, InTune seamlessly integrates with all its products.
  • User-friendly interface. Intune is easy to use and understand.


  • Inefficient performance. Intune can be slow and inefficient, especially when displaying statuses of tasks and assigning configuration profiles to applications.
  • Pricing. The pricing for Microsoft InTune is high, which makes it challenging for small businesses and MSPs to afford.
  • Learning curve. The solution may be better suited for more experienced IT professionals.

See how InTune compares to NinjaOne or learn more about InTune vs. BigFix.

Evaluating BigFix alternatives

Given the ever-evolving IT business landscape, it’s become even more crucial for you to consider endpoint management. The right endpoint management tool allows you and your IT team to protect endpoint devices, streamline application deployment, follow patching compliance, and keep your IT network healthy from a single interface.

When selecting the best endpoint management for your needs, it’s a good idea to do your own research, conduct a vendor risk assessment, and try different software, when possible.

Next Steps

Building an efficient and effective IT team requires a centralized solution that acts as your core service deliver tool. NinjaOne enables IT teams to monitor, manage, secure, and support all their devices, wherever they are, without the need for complex on-premises infrastructure.

Learn more about NinjaOne Endpoint Management, check out a live tour, or start your free trial of the NinjaOne platform.

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