Deploy Scripts Remotely

Run scripts and see results on one device or one thousand, remotely and automatically.
Screenshots of NinjaOne and settings to deploy scripts remotely

Automatically deploy any script to any set of devices anytime

One click deploy icon

One-click deployment

Run a script on one endpoint or many at the click of button
Schedule script icon

Automated patching

Schedule scripts to run once immediately, in the future, or on a recurring schedule
Script triggers icon

Conditional script triggers

Deploy scripts automatically when conditions are met on an endpoint execution
Script execution icon

Form-based script execution

Use a form-based GUI for more dynamic and reusable script execution
Sync deploy icon

Synchronous deployment

Scripts in NinjaOne deploy within 60 seconds
for real-time results and troubleshooting

Script library icon

Script library

Upload existing scripts, write your own in NinjaOne’s IDE, or leverage our pre-built script library to achieve your goals

Script file types

Write and use scripts in languages you already know

NinjaOne allows you to write and deploy scripts in common languages you already know, including Powershell, Batch, ShellScript, Javascript, and VBScript.

How NinjaOne customers use script deployment

  • Deploy software: Deploy applications via script or use our built in software deployment feature
  • Configure devices: Make configuration changes on devices at scale
  • Harden endpoints: Encrypt drives, manage local users, set UAC, and more
  • Automate maintenance: Automatically perform regular maintenance tasks across endpoints
  • Silently remediate issues: Use scripts to remediate endpoint performance and health issues silently without interrupting end-users
  • Monitor endpoints: Use scripts to monitor endpoint health and performance and alert your IT team when certain conditions are met.
Script deployment settings
Dynamic script form screenshot

Read from and write to fields via Scripts

NinjaOne makes it easy to read from and write to custom fields via scripts. Write script results back to NinjaOne for advanced monitoring, expanded asset inventories, and better IT workflows. Use scripts and custom fields for more advanced, multi-step automated workflows.

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