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Single Pane of Glass Software: Better than Stand Alone

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G2 reports that nearly 70% of IT professionals state that IT environments have increased in complexity compared to just two years ago. More complex IT environments suggest the need for increased monitoring and management to ensure that all components efficiently work together.

When you add more applications and software to IT management, it can complicate the management process if solutions don’t integrate or there isn’t structure with how the applications work together. Single pane of glass software helps to provide simplicity and complete visibility in complex IT environments, while also increasing IT efficiency.

What is single pane of glass software?

Single pane of glass is a type of software that merges multiple feature sets into a single solution with a unified display. It provides a central console where you can view data and manage all data sources with the click of a button.

When is single pane of glass software ideal?

Single pane of glass software is ideal when an organization has many active and interconnected parts in an environment that needs to be managed simultaneously. Viewing these moving pieces in a single location helps teams to view the environment holistically and quickly identify problem areas so they can be resolved.

IT teams that are in charge of many functions often use more than one type of software tool to monitor data sources across multiple applications and complete tasks. This means that they must switch back and forth between these stand alone software solutions for effective management, which can waste time and lower productivity. Single pane of glass software aims to fix this issue.

A single dashboard also enables IT teams to have increased awareness of the health of their IT environment because it offers greater visibility. When things start to go wrong, admins can easily find the cause and settle the issue, often without end users noticing anything ever happened.

6 Benefits of using single pane of glass software

Incorporating single pane of glass software into the management of your organization’s technology can provide many advantages. Here are 6 benefits of using single pane of glass software:

Central location

The software display gives quick access to critical information about an IT environment, all in one central location. It also provides a single spot where functions that are vital to the continual operation of the environment are accessible.

The single-pane design creates a single source of truth for IT management and IT teams across functions. The IT helpdesk, cybersecurity, IT operations, and IT infrastructure teams all benefit from having access to a unified dashboard.

Simple user interface

A single dashboard only displays the most important information while removing unimportant elements. This makes the software straightforward and easy-to-use. It also enables easy access to necessary programs or functions by making them all available with just one click.

Time savings

Don’t waste time switching back and forth between IT operations management applications. A unified display provides all necessary data in one location so no time is lost trying to find the data in various locations.

View data holistically

Single pane software enables simultaneous viewing of multiple data sources within an IT environment. Rather than viewing data for each function in a separate application, IT teams can gain visibility into all functions shown on the dashboard and view essential information at a glance.

Effortless automation

A solution that uses single pane of glass software automatically removes unimportant information from the dashboard and only gives IT teams the essential data. That way, IT teams quickly become aware of critical information that could pose a threat to the business.

It also provides opportunities for automation through the software. According to Gartner, nearly 70% of daily management tasks will be automated by 2024. Automate workflows by setting up automatic task completion on single-pane software. IT teams can remove human influence and depend on automation technology to complete routine tasks.

Increased efficiency

The benefits listed above ultimately increase the efficiency of IT teams. Active IT management with a unified display makes it easier to identify failing systems or decreasing health of endpoints, gain visibility into network performance or helpdesk operations, and automate menial tasks to support the IT environment.

Improve IT operations with single pane of glass software

Single pane of glass software can be a valuable tool for IT teams across the board. Because it combines multiple features and sources of information, it gives users a comprehensive solution with essential data and multiple functions. If you think your IT team could benefit from the use of single pane of glass software for IT management, check out NinjaOne.

NinjaOne is a unified IT management platform that uses single pane of glass software. It combines endpoint management, patching, ticketing, and more all within a single dashboard. Sign up for a free trial today.

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Building an efficient and effective IT team requires a centralized solution that acts as your core service deliver tool. NinjaOne enables IT teams to monitor, manage, secure, and support all their devices, wherever they are, without the need for complex on-premises infrastructure.

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