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Product Summary

Baramundi is a unified endpoint management software provider that allows IT teams to manage their endpoints from anywhere with an internet connection. Its solution features Windows management and patch management for Microsoft and other third-party applications.

Use Cases

  • Automated software deployment:
    Baramundi allows you to deploy software faster and at scale.
  • Compliance scans:
    Baramundi software regularly runs compliance scans to ensure that all your software and applications are up-to-date.
  • Asset inventory:
    Baramundi keeps an accurate, real-time inventory of all your managed hardware and software.


  • Scripting:
    Baramundi could add to its script library or its ability to create custom scripts.
  • Support for macOS devices:
    Baramundi is limited in macOS support, especially in patch management and remote access.
  • Static dashboards:
    Baramundi’s dashboard is not as intuitive as expected.


Product Summary

ITarian is an integrated remote monitoring and management (RMM) software solution that offers ticketing, mobile device management, and endpoint security in a single platform. Its RMM is designed to help MSPs proactively monitor and manage their clients’ endpoint devices.

Use Cases

  • Continuous monitoring:
    ITarian gives you a bird’s-eye view of your entire IT network, helping you monitor the health and performance of endpoint devices.
  • Automated maintenance:
    ITarian leverages automation for routine tasks, such as software updates and patch management.
  • Alerting:
    ITarian immediately notifies your IT technicians about any system irregularities or potential vulnerabilities.


  • Pricing:
    The software may be better suited for larger, more mature MSPs.
  • Not many out-of-the-box features:
    The basic ITarian software may not offer the necessary features required by some IT pros, requiring them to pay more for add-ons.
  • Support:
    The support at ITarian could improve its first-response time, especially for critical technical issues.


Why your peers choose us over Baramundi and ITarian

NinjaOne sets itself apart with its exceptional customer reviews, usability and comprehensive integration options, positioning it ahead of its competitors. The platform’s interface is expertly crafted for both quick adoption and ease of use, vital for dynamic IT environments. This focus on user experience doesn’t compromise its robust feature set, which is designed to boost operational efficiency, an area where many competitors struggle.

In terms of integration, NinjaOne shines by offering extensive compatibility with a wide array of third-party applications, an area where other RMM solutions often have limitations. This makes it a more adaptable choice for varied IT ecosystems. Furthermore, NinjaOne’s scalability and performance consistency, even in large network scenarios, mark it as a superior option. Enhanced by advanced, customizable reporting tools, NinjaOne emerges as a leading choice for IT professionals seeking a dependable, efficientRMM platform.

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