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Acronis vs IT Glue

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IT Glue

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Product Summary

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is a cyber protection solution that ensures the security of all business data. It offers backup, disaster recovery, security, automation, and management solutions and can integrate with many other tools. Acronis empowers providers to deliver reliable services with endpoint management, IT security, data backup and recovery, and EDR.

Use Cases

  • Endpoint management:
    Users can monitor, manage, and secure all their endpoints regardless of their locations.
  • Data backup & recovery:
    Acronis enables IT teams to secure and protect critical data using data backup and recovery.
  • IT security:
    IT professionals can proactively protect and secure their IT environments with Acronis EDR.


  • Web interface issues:
    The software’s web interface can be slow or stop suddenly, causing inconvenience.
  • Unclear error messages:
    The software’s error messages are difficult to decipher, especially when a backup is unsuccessful.
  • Auto-update failure:
    Auto-update on agents does not always succeed.
  • Support knowledge:
    Some users have found that it is difficult to obtain support and troubleshooting help.

IT Glue

Product Summary

IT Glue is a platform that primarily focuses on IT documentation. The software is designed for IT service providers as secure storage for IT infrastructure information, configurations, passwords, and all confidential client data shared within the organization. IT Glue is a central repository of information for IT personnel to work on and share.

Use Cases

  • Structured Documentation:
    IT Glue’s marketing heavily promotes the software as a documentation management platform focusing on a well-put documentation framework.
  • Relationship Mapping:
    The software links all related items together in the documentation. This makes information readily available to anyone working on it, which saves time and effort.
  • Easy-to-use permissions:
    Granular permissions and other levels of permissions allow technicians to manage access to documentation, enhancing the security of stored data.


  • Limited RMM capabilities:
    Since IT Glue focuses on documentation, it has basic RMM capabilities pivoted to managing and documenting specific aspects of IT infrastructures.
  • Integration Issues:
    Getting the data flowing on integrations is time-consuming.
  • Inferior Search Functionality:
    It could do better on its search feature, especially when it comes to finding where information is stored and archival search.
  • No Free Trial:
    IT Glue doesn’t offer free trials, which is a downside for IT decision-makers who want to weigh their options first.


Why your peers choose us over Acronis and IT Glue

NinjaOne sets itself apart with its exceptional customer reviews, usability and comprehensive integration options, positioning it ahead of its competitors. The platform’s interface is expertly crafted for both quick adoption and ease of use, vital for dynamic IT environments. This focus on user experience doesn’t compromise its robust feature set, which is designed to boost operational efficiency, an area where many competitors struggle.

In terms of integration, NinjaOne shines by offering extensive compatibility with a wide array of third-party applications, an area where other RMM solutions often have limitations. This makes it a more adaptable choice for varied IT ecosystems. Furthermore, NinjaOne’s scalability and performance consistency, even in large network scenarios, mark it as a superior option. Enhanced by advanced, customizable reporting tools, NinjaOne emerges as a leading choice for IT professionals seeking a dependable, efficientRMM platform.

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