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Makenzie Buenning

IT Editorial Expert
Makenzie Buenning is an accomplished IT Editorial Expert with a flair for enhancing web articles and digital marketing. Her years of experience span various technical freelance projects and B2B marketing, enriching her writing and marketing skills. Makenzie’s expertise in software, especially NinjaOne, and her background in psychology and development enable her to create content that’s both informative and engaging. With her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality, she consistently delivers insightful, high-quality content to her audience.

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IT automation software creates and implements processes to replace time-consuming, manual activities. Given the ever-evolving business landscape, IT automation has become a crucial part of any digital transformation initiative, with […]

Virtualization technology, such as virtual machines (VM), is vital for businesses and IT admins today because it empowers organizations to be more agile, reduce downtime, and secure important data. VMs […]

As the IT demands of modern-day business increase with more devices and different technologies becoming essential to operation, the necessity of a functional and efficient help desk cannot be overstated. […]

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