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IT Operations Management Software

Make your team more effective with IT management software that reduces complexity, drives technician efficiency, and gives you full control over your IT assets.
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Monitor your Linux computers in real-time

NinjaOne gives you full visibility and control over your entire IT infrastructure with up-to-the minute 24×7 endpoint monitoring. We give you a single-pane-of-glass view into the health and performance of all your IT assets so you can keep critical infrastructure running, plan and performance maintenance, and enable business users to maintain productivity. With Ninja you can monitor and manage:

  • Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints
  • Servers
  • Networks
  • Workstations and laptops
  • Virtual machines
  • Cloud infrastructure
IT Visibility
Backup dash flexible

Secure endpoints and protect critical business data

Protecting your organization from internal and external threats is critical to effective IT operations management. From performance monitoring to patch management, Ninja helps keep your infrastructure protected. Ninja gives you a suite of built-in tools to centralize the hardening of endpoints and management of infrastructure security, including:
  • Automated OS and third party application patch management
  • Automated antivirus deployment and scanning with centralized visibility
  • Set-and-forget document backup to protect critical business data from accidental deletion, system failure, or ransomware.

A fantastic RMM tool.

Network administrators can make managing hundreds if not thousands of machines an achievable task. It's fast, it's simple, and it just works.

I use this software everyday and love it!

I love the Dashboards and NMS features. It allows me to have a one-stop shop as an MSP.

Automate IT infrastructure maintenance and management

Meeting server uptime SLAs, keeping business networks online, and ensuring end-users have the tools and resources they need to be effective all require the ability to remotely monitor and manage endpoints. But your technicians can only do so much. Ninja gives you powerful automation to identify problems before they impact end-users, more efficiently and effectively remediate those issues, and perform standard maintenance to minimize the number of incidents that arise.
Config IT
Deploy IT

Easy Application Management

Ninja gives you a full software inventory for all of your IT assets and lets you manage those applications with ease. Automatically start, stop, install, and uninstall applications at scale or manage applications ad-hoc at the click of a button.

Streamline IT service management

NinjaOne gives your technicians full visibility and control over the IT service management process. From automated ticket creation to incident triage, Ninja makes your technicians more efficient and enables exceptional IT service management. Our API makes it easy to ingest data into your ticketing system for more efficient management.
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